Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Being and feeling Girlieeeeee

Confession: although I say that I adore fashion and design from clothes, shoes, bags and home decor, I am truly a late bloomer when it comes all things BEAUTY - like salon stuff!

I only had my hair colored professionally once before ( I was in college already and it didn't make me look that good, and that is probably why I didn't do it again for a long time - let's just say that brown hair didn't suit me at all that time :-) ) and that is why, getting highlights for the very first time, made me giddy all over!

And so last Thursday, on my 1/2 day off, I went to see my NFF/hairstylist Gina, and we went ahead with the plan: color my crown of glory and add some oomph into my lackluster-always- been- black hair. I emphasized, please nothing too drastic or shocking like this...

So not me - yet! :0

I was thinking something like this...

From Instyle magazine

Haaah! Fat- chance! I can dream can I?! Being the Asian "beauty" that I am, I knew this was reaching for the sky, so I did not mention JA-look to her. And so I let her do her thing and left my hands into her experienced colors and toners, and ended up with this...

From my camera

Ok, I don't wanna show the whole me yet, but so far, the "reviews" have been positive. Even my patients noticed ( and when kids notice your hair in a positive way, it means it's really good - I think :-))!

Anyhow,  and since I was feeling really girly (as the title says) I also had my nails done! It' called Shellac - don't ask me what it is exactly, all I know is that it's gauranteed to make me addicted to this thing and will make my nail polish last fah-ever, so I said, " go ahead Mandy, make my day!" And this is how it looks...

Not bad...

Not bad at all...

After 4 hours of aluminum foils, UV lights and whatever chemicals shellacked on to me, I feel like a " new " me!

I guess, a girl needs to be pampered once in a while, or rather, Shellacked once in a while!!!!

Have a fabulous day Dah-lings!

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  1. Yes, I think us girls need that every once in a while....hope you enjoyed it!


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