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Aidan's 7th Spongebob Underwater-themed Birthday Party

We had 2 celebrations for Aidan when he turned 7. One was in the Philippines, at McDonalds, where they usually take care of everything, and I mean everything (from the hosts, to the games and yes, of course the foods, games and prizes!). And one at our home. 

Aidan wanted a SPONGEBOB Party and I added a simple twist by making it more fun with an underwater-themed party. He was really so excited and I was too! However, as the day grew closer, I was panicking, thinking of a way to turn our purple basement into an underwater haven! 

With sheer luck (and the help of some online stores & a couple of friends who helped me set-up - Hubby, Grace and Kat), I was able to come up with this...

Snorkeling fun

The wall murals are from, they weren't cheap at all, they cost about $20 each! But they are super big (30 feet long!), I bought 3 but ended up using only 2 in our huge basement!

glub, blub, blub.....
More fishies hanging from the ceiling

I bought the inflatable fishes from Oriental They were relatively cheap, ranging from $8-13/dozen (here is the LINK). I bought 4 dozens. I added the squiggly balloons, which I got from Divisoria in the Philippines for < 1 cent each! I hung them using unfolded paperclips, easy to put up and remove.


Game area


I got the Spongebob "Happy Birthday" banner from Party city for around $5. The inflatable ring toss was also from ($10). I figured we can still use it this summer once we open up our pool.

The Spongebob Balloons are from the Divisoria, 25 cents a piece! We inflated them using our compressor.


We hired a balloon artist/magician so we had to set-up a stage area for him. The banner was a gift from an aunt from the Philippines. The Spongebob Back drop is from Party City ($10).

Ready for the show!

Birthday boy ready to party wearing his beach attire!
The full set-up with Mr. Sam Cremens - Balloon Artist and Magician



I added this sort of "picture-taking-space" on one wall. I bought this super cute inflatable whale from and some inflatable wigs from Lakeside ($6 each).

Cutee kids

Even grown-ups are having fun!


Prize station

I mostly got the stuff for the prizes from Divisoria and clearance sales from Walgreens and Walmart. Spongebob is very popular so finding prizes was easy peasy! :->


I got the loot bag from Divisoria 50 cents each.

Knapsack bag

I just used a picture of Aidan, added border and printed them wallet-size, and viola! Easy "Thank You" Card 

What's inside

Banners atop food set-up

Another view of the Party room

I set-up the kids food on the peninsula in our basement kitchen. As always, we served cake, pizza, chips and fruit. 

Chips, mallows and strawberries

But to spice things up a bit, I added this Nacho Bar with chili and cheese! Yum! T'was a hit!  I also made some lemonade, to make it truly feel "summery beachy"!

Nacho Bar

Cake - courtesy of Walmart - cute!


Dining room set-up

Chocolate fountain station
I placed the desserts on the buffet table. We had a chocolate fountain with a super yummy chocolate recipe courtesy of my friend,  Anne R. For the dippers, we had marshmallows, strawberries, bananas, pretzels and potato chips! YUM! I also made some leche flan and added orange slices.


For the main buffet, I made pinoy-style spaghetti, Baked salmon, and we also had crab rangoon, beef with broccoli, Hunan chicken, shrimp with veggies, tofu & veggies, rice of course, rolls from Honeybakers, barbecued chicken courtesy of our friend Grace P., chicken surprise courtesy of Jonjet V., spring rolls courtesy of Mellie C., Beans with beef courtesy of Lina W., Beef siomai courtesy of Gerrie E., and Spinach salad courtesy of Krista P.!!!

After weeks of preparation, I can say the party was a huge success...

A Big puff!
Because in the end, this little guy's smile, happiness and all his "THANK YOU's" were all the really mattered!

Happy birthday boy

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  1. whenever i had a chance, i check out your blog. VERY NICE & CREATIVE! :)

  2. sophia and cesca loved your bday party ideas..

    1. Thanks Rhoda!!!!! I hope I could invite them, it will surely be more fun then! :-)

  3. Omg this is my birthday party in 4 months

    1. Good luck! I'm sure it will be a blast! Thanks for the visit Massie!

  4. Omg this is my birthday party in 4 months

  5. Omg this is my birthday party in 4 months

  6. Omg this is my birthday party in 4 months

  7. Omg this is my birthday party in 4 months

  8. My name is Lynn I love your set up my son loves spongbob we have his FIRST birthday in Jan and I am looking up n down for party supplies I pray it will come thank u

  9. I am looking for a spongebob theme for my son's 2nd bday and I saw your blog. I had gotten lots of ideas from you! Thanks!

  10. Great spongebob party you thought if everything!! I had a question, is Divisoria a place you shopped in person or an online store? Is it available in the US?

    1. Thank you! unfortunately DIvisoria is a place in the Philippines. No online store most definitely. Oriental trading have great, cheap stuff, you can try that. :-) Good luck!

    2. Thank you!! I will try oriental Trading company.

  11. love your ideas, in the process of planning my daughters spongebob summer jam, i am using sponges as invitations and krabbie patties as the actual cake with sugar cookies as kelp fries

  12. Your decor is awesome and that cake is super cute!

  13. Hey I would really love to find those drawstring bags. Where did you get them from?

    1. I got them from the Philippines unfortunately, but I saw similar ones on ebay ----

  14. Hey I love this idea. My daughter's birthday is in January and we have decided to do Spongebob since that is all she talks about. Where did you find the drawstring bags? I have been searching for some of those since about May and have come up empty handed.

    1. I got it from the Philippines. But I saw some similar ones on EBAY -

      good luck with your party! I'm sure it will be a blast no matter what!!!

  15. yey! thanks for this blog! got an idea for my baby's birthday. he also love spongebob! thanks you again :)

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  17. I really like your party location and all decorations. Even all kids also look very stunning in their dresses. I hope you had great party and enjoyed it a lot.

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  19. woow.. i like the concept and the outcome of your party..GreatJob!! More partyblogs pleaseeee..


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