Monday, September 1, 2014

Sand Art

I hope you all had a Wonderful and fun-filled Labor Day Weekend! Anyway, I just wanted to share with you a quick display I recently made.

You all know how we love going to the beach.
We've been fortunate enough to go several times to different beaches and have enjoyed all of the times we spent there immensely.

One of the things I do love to take home from our beach visits, is the sand itself!

Yeah, I know not in display condition at all!
People say it's not allowed, especially if it's from abroad, but I've never had any trouble 'sneaking' this amount back home. I usually put them with my checked-in luggage, so no hassles so far. ;-)

I've always wanted to display them but wasn't sure how. Until I saw this...

Seashell Shadow Box Display from Lovely TC via
Selene from Restoration Beauty!
Isn't it pretty? A perfect way to display a collection.

However, after that brief brilliant moment, I soon realized it was not going to work for sand.
For one thing, I wanted the sand layered one on top of each other, and two, shadow boxes don't open from the top, but on the back or front. My layering idea would not work. 
But as luck would have it I found these...

My TJ MAXX clearance finds
I love that they have that sea glass effect (without the color) from the bubbles on the glass.

So I poured in my sand, and here it is....

Love it!

I Added this puffy paint to label

Take note, I have more space to fill with the tall vase and the smaller one!!!! I wonder where my next sand will be coming from???!!!! 

Have  a Wonderful Day!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Finds, friends and fortune

I may be close to term, but that hasn't stopped me from shopping a bit whenever I can, so here I am about to share with you my latest treasures & good fortune!

Oleg Cassini Paperweights $3.99
I scored these from TJ MAXX. Aren't they pretty, I love blings and these elegant ones are perfect for the coffeetable. :-)

Vases $3.50 & 3.00
Again, another TJ MAXX find on clearance. They don't look like much but I bought them for a specific purpose and it's not gonna be for flowers.

Can you guess? Will share it on my next post for sure.

Tin Nautical Plates $3.50

These goes well with my Summer coastal Living room, another clearance find, but this time from CRACKER BARREL General Store. 

Geode $8

My friends and I recently took a nice trip across the Ohio River to Kentucky and visited a Mineral Museum, hence I scored the one above and the ones below from there. 

Missouri Quartz $6 & 8

This one has sentimental value to me. It was recently given by one of my close girlfriends who recently moved with her family to Texas :-(
She knew I love blue & White, so she gave me some of her treasured pieces and this was one of them. I think it's beautiful, but all the more special because of who it reminds me of. :-)

Lastly I want to share my fortune, or rather, brag about it ...

I won it over at Sandy's from "You may be Wandering", thank you so much my friend!!!!

Our family is a huge fan of DK books because of all the pictures and interesting ways they present facts, so these are perfect for our library and would be a great reference to these cities once we get to go! Now all I have to do is win me some tickets.... ;-)

Lastly, I am proud to say that I made it to Linda's "ORC Linking Participant Hall of fame"!!!!!

The post from Calling it Home
Truly, our nook would not have made it to THIS OLD HOUSE MAGAZINE, if not for the fun and much-awaited ONE ROOM CHALLENGE in Linda's Blog, Calling It home ( which by the way starts again October 2nd, mark your calendars)!!!
I am the one who is super thankful for this wonderful fortune of knowing Linda and her fab blog!

How about you any recent finds or good fortune lately?

Have A Great Labor Day Weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Photobook Reviews

There's been a ton of new ways of doing photo books lately.

If your a fan of this way of displaying photos sans photo albums, you know what I'm talking about.

From almost all the stores and the apps around, there are so many types and price range of photo books out there, that It's really tempting to try some,  and I have been a huge fan of this way of showing my photos ever since Shutterfly started.  I have a lot of photo books from this store....

I have recently tried a few of the new ones that are available and I would like to share my 2-cents worth of opinion on each one and let you decide which ones you'd like to try.

1) Sam's Club Premium Photobook

1) Very affordable ($24 for this one, normally $29) but they usually do promos and sales, so getting discount is easy.
2) Great picture quality and love the glossy and thick paper/cardboard, definitely water and smudge proof.
3) You can pick it up from the store! Save you on shipping.
4) You can lay it flat without worrying if the pages will come off.

1) The program it uses to arrange the pictures and book takes some time to getting used to. Not difficult, but just different from what I would consider easy.
2) Not a lot of options on the backgrounds and themes (no Halloween for example)
3) Shipping to store takes a while. More than a week. There is no RUSH order, so if your in a hurry to get it and give it away, I would not recommend this.
4) You can't make copies of the book and do different size on it. What size you start with, that's it. 
5) Laying flat will show the prominent crease in the middle though.

1) Definitely a photobook worth showing! It's beautiful, sturdy and elegant.
2) Picture quality is superb.
3) Love that you can lay it flat without distorting image quality
4) All the pages are strong, sturdy and also smudge-free and water-proof.
5) Library-bound book.
6) Easy to use editing software.

1) A bit expensive, I ordered the 12 X 12 leather one and got a coupon for a sample copy, and still paid $80 for it. It would have been $190 if I didn't. Shipping is free. I think  it depends on the number of pages and size of course, have not tried their $20 black book version yet.
2) Takes a while to get your order, mine took also almost 2 weeks to be delivered.
3) Heavy. Not something you'd lug around to show off, it best sits on your coffee table.

3) Groove Book

1) Cheapest one out there with 100 photos/book at $2.99 with FREE SHIPPING, you can order and give away as many as you want. Plus there's always a coupon code for a FREE BOOK for a friend always. You can use this code CRISTE9 and get 1 for free if you'd like to try it out
2) App is FREE.
3) Easy to use app.
4) Good for both iphones and Android.

1) Flimsiest paper among all the books I think, very thin and picture quality is not great.
2) Easily pulls apart (which is partly the point since the idea is you might want to just tear a picture up and give it away instantly).
3) It only shows the date & time of the photos from your phone, you cannot add any additional texts.
4) You cannot change the sequence of photos you have. You can choose what to put on the book, but not change the sequence of it.
5) You can't customize covers, they choose it for you.

Like the labels on the side

What's inside

1) Affordable at $6 for the Instagram and Chatbook series (60 photos each book).  Shipping is FREE.
2) Very easy to use app
3) You can add additional texts to your photos and easily change the sequence of photos around.
4) App is also free
5) You can add tittles to your book
6) Lightweight, pictures are crisp and clear

1) Only for iphone users as of now.
2) Custom books are priced higher and but can go up to 300 pages, you pay shipping at $2.95
3) Shipping took longer than I expected, no rush orders too
4) Paper is a bit thin

There are other apps out there that does photo books, I still have to try them. But so far, I enjoyed making these particularly the chapbooks which I can do anytime on my phone.  I would recommend trying any of these since it would make awesome gifts for yourself or others!

Have a Great Week friends!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

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