Sunday, October 22, 2017

Kid-Friendly Halloween Living & Dining Room

You all know how "Halloween Crazy" I can be.

But over the years, my Halloween Craziness has mellowed down. I've never been in to any Gore and scary things, always wholesome I think (except for skulls and spiders), and definitely kid-friendly. Kid-friendly I know, because my little toddler loves my decorations and doesn't get scared of them, unlike some store and home displays she's seen. ;-)

So today, let me share with you my Halloween decorations downstairs in our home...

Not much change from Fall decor except for the pillows and creepy crawlies all around!

I still love my table napkin pillow cover we made a couple of years back!

My Alexander McQueen SAVAGE BEAUTY coffee table book is always perfect for this eason

Silver and gold, silver and gold....skulls!

I love putting these spider runners on my windows

Notice my new lamp? I love it, it's from TARGET

With the sun out like this, definitely not creepy!

My blue and white got some dose of BLACK.... creattures!

My favorite 'spider' crawling up the steps!

More spiders and skulls by the phone

Still love this old sign and placed it by my entry table

Painted the cat painting over here. Lucky to be invited to my friend's painting party, it was a lot of fun to do, although
one of my cats look more like a squirrel! LOL!

Now, let's go to the Dining room...

Used my vintage amber glassware for drinks

Treats for the big day!

I love my table this year, all the brass and black just go together so well!

I put my outdoor shell and succulent centerpiece indoors and placed all my old black fruits from Halloweens past in here. I think it looks marvelous!

Love my Caskata plates!

Printed out some place cards and rested them on these mini-white pumpkins!
In the kitchen, I really didn't do too much Halloween to share here. Other than the dish towels and a few wall decor, the breakfast area is where I concentrated...

Say HELLO to our cute skeletons?!

MONSTERS toys are out!

There's something on my light....

Coffee anyone?!

I hope you are Halloween ready by now. Our costumes this year will be simple (I'm running out of steam, need to prepare for Christmas already), hope you can stop by and check it out next week when I share the two kid's rooms!

Have a Great week!


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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

ORC Week 3 - Good news, Bad news and Choices on Master Bedroom Re-do

Can't believe we're on the 3rd week  of the  ONE ROOM CHALLENGE already and my, this past weeks have been CRAZEEEE!

First, I had to battle some illness and to top it off, I had to pack up the outdoors stuff and finish my Halloween decorations! Oh, I had to deal with a lot of school activities too! Like I said, CRAZEEE!

Ok, let's talk about my ORC now. First off with some GOOD NEWS...

Yes, despite my bedroom looking like a Decontamination room from "Outbreak", I am happy to report that the ceiling is now nice and smooth and the white paint is up. I used BEHR Polar Bear white in flat finish, the same white I use in the other bedrooms. I didn't even have to pay for it since I had so much left over and the cream paint was easy to paint over on! Hew!

Now, let me share some really BAD NEWS...

We already knew we had to replace the door and door casing going outside because of some water damage that we let go out of control. But then when our contractor was checking things on the floor, we found that we not only had water damage, we also had some TERMITES! EEEEEEEEEEWWWW!

Still, we are so lucky since the buggers did not eat up our base floor (the termite guys checked it from the basement), ate up only part of the door frame and some of the top floor (the wood floor that you see), but we do have to fix this damage and have our house treated. I called the Termite guys right away and we scheduled the treatment earlier, so that was good. Now we just need to get the floors fixed!

The carpenters are currently working on the molding for the room and ceiling and also building the built-ins off site. But for sure, the floors and this problem is TOP PRIORITY! What's good is a nice bedroom if your going to fall off of it! ;-)

And now, for some CHOICES.

I mentioned that I needed to do a lot of shopping, and I have been browsing on and off line for months (yes, I was obsessed with fixing up our bedroom without my hubby's knowledge)!

1//2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10
 It's obvious I want an upholstered headboard. I just think that something soft at the back of my head is something I'd like to try, since we always had a hard headboard. Also, I like how relaxing it looks.
As you can see, I had so many choices to think about. My husband has to have a say on this too (well, at least he thinks he does ;-)) I did order the bed already, can you guess which one?  ;-)

1/  2/ 3/ 4/  5/  6
For my husband's side of the bed, I wanted a side table that can maximize what's left of the width of the wall, and as you can see I like the Campaign furniture look. The problem is that none of these are wide enough! I need to look for alternatives for my hub's side.

1/ 2

Can you spot the difference? Not much really, but the price is just crazy different. #1 is from Hayneedle for $399, #2 is from Potterybarn for $899!

 Since I really wanted a desk/vanity as a bedside table with the campaign look, these were my choices. But practicality won me over and I chose #1.

That's it for now folks! Hope I can share more progress on the room next week! It's definitely CRUNCH TIME!

Have a Great Weekend!


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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

ORC Week 2 - The Plan for Master Bedroom Re-do

Now that you know I'm working on our Master bedroom for the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE, I wanted to share with you the over-all plan.

This is the plan on the bed area :

1) Replace all the furniture - got that handled since a friend of mine who just moved into a new house is buying all my old one! Yey!

Good bye to my choccolate goodness!

2) Add huge picture molding beside the bed to for wallpaper. - Since I change my mind often, wallpapering the entire room or a wall would be 'problematic'. So by doing this, I can change up my wallpaper in no time!

And currently I'm obsessed with Schumacher Chenonceau wallpaper

3) Paint the entire room white.- The cream and blueish gray has to go.

Good-bye cream and blue walls!

Mainly this side of the room just entails a lot of shopping work & fun! LOL!

On the opposite side of the bed. I want something like this...

1) Build custom cabinetry beside our fireplace. I need to hide a couple of small safes and the rest of our 'junk', but also, I need to display some of our 'junk'!

Good-bye to putting things in bins and on the floor!

2) Remove old fireplace surround and come up with something prettier. - I basically want it to be marble or natural stone all around, more of a contemporary look. The Hearth needs to go too!

Good-bye Mantel!

3) Add interesting lighting to the cabinets.

4) Hide all the wires. - Like you, I hate wires, and having these built-ins made is the only way I could hide the wires from the TV and Blu-ray with ease.

5) Add crown molding to our tray ceiling and remove the old popcorn ceiling. I want to replace our ceiling fan too!

Best shot I could get of the tray ceiling.

Here are some of my inspirations..

I have already discussed all the plans with our contractor and we're getting started already! Wish me luck!

You can check out my ORC Week 1 HERE.

Have  a Great Weekend!


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