Monday, May 2, 2016

Organizing Bags & Jewelry - Design Details Master Closet Part 3

Welcome to the last of the Design Details of our Master Closet!

If you've missed the other Details, LINKS can be found at the end of this post.

Today, I will be talking about organizing something near and dear to my heart - BAGS ( and jewelry)!

You already know that I am self-confessed Bag-aholic.

 I love bags, be it branded or not, I buy and collect bags for their form and function. Although majority of my bags are what one might consider "High-end", my bag collection encompasses not only those, but a lot of really beautiful (to me at least) but not-so-costly bags as well. And today, I will share with you how I organized such a collection,

Of course, a display is in order
TIP #1: Display your favorite bags 

As you can see from above, I displayed my favorite ones and the ones sturdy enough to stand. I like enjoying my bags even if I don't get to use all of them a lot. And plus, they look nice even if their not carried - to me at least. ;-)

The glass shelves and lighting made them look even better

Of course, I have to tell you,  I do put them inside their INDIVIDUAL DUST BAGS & do use old pillows to get them to prop up on a regular basis since I still need to figure out how to add glass doors to the cabinet itself.

TIP #2: Store in nice boxes

I added these wonderful pull out shelves in my bag cabinet, for my small collection of clutches and wallets. Inside the Hermes box I placed my silk scarves and the small wallets inside the Chanel box.

For my very special Hermes bags, I have kept them in their pretty orange boxes and placed both in their individual pull out shelves.

Other big bulky bags are inside boxes on the top of my cabinets.

TIP #3: Categorize

I  categorized my bags inside the drawers. I don't put them inside dust bags here, I just put one big dust bag  that covers the top of all the bags .

Inside my 3 lower drawers

Now let's look at how I organized my jewelry!

TIP #4: Hang what you can

 Pull-out hooks work well

I hung my necklaces (Take note, not my bags, since it wears out the handles) according to lengths.
The shorter ones ended up in the pull-out in my bag cabinet, and the long ones on a Brass Floral Wall Art I re-purposed for such. It's always nice to hang things beautifully. You can check out my suggestions on Jewelry storage HERE.

You also know that my small vanity inside the closet is also just for storing jewelry...

This Vanity which I got from IKEA HERE
Has a small mirror which is perfect for getting ready
TIP #5  Compartmentalize

As you can see I placed my small earrings in individual acrylic containers so I can see and store them easily. The round ones are from the craft department of the Dollar Store and and square ones are from Crate & Barrel I bought years ago.This also makes it easy to choose and bring my earrings when I travel.

And like the bags,  DISPLAY what you can. We have a tendency to forget things we have if we don't see them, so I always opt to display them. The mantra "out of sight, out of mind" is all to perfect for both bags and jewelry.

So that is my 2 cents worth of ideas when it comes to this topic. I still have one more thing to share about the Master Closet, and it's not at all pretty. Will share it next time.

Hope you have a Great week!

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

ORC Week 4 - Progress & Problems on Boys Room

Hello again!

We're now on Week 4 of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE hosted by Linda from Calling It Home and I don't have much to show for YET!

I don't know if hanging curtains is considered progress...

... or assembling the side tables up...

... But things going into the room have arrived so far...

Hardware upgrade for dressers and sides

Zimba wallpaper ( at least 1 roll of it)
 .. and the one that made me the happiest (and also my son ;-), the reading chair!
I have to rave about the awesome service I got from TOTALLY FURNITURE, an online furniture store I just discovered in my search for an Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair I so desperately want! I ordered this lookalike right away and got it 2 days later! Yes, Two days! It's like ordering from Amazon Prime, only better since shipping is FREE! A new source for sure that I will keep coming back to for my furniture needs. :-)

Regarding the wallpaper, it did arrive early, but I only got a single roll when I ordered a double. I contacted the Customer service of PATIO LANE, where I ordered from, and they said they will send the other roll asap. The only problem is, this second roll will not be exactly the same as the one I have since they were printed 'differently'?!!! Ugggghhhh! I asked if they could send me a new set of double roll and I will just send them back the roll that I have, and they said, it might take 6 weeks! Uggghhhh! So I took my chance and have them send the different single roll and hope and pray, that it matches the one that I have!

Some good news though, I talked to my painter and wall paper hanger, and said they will start next week. So I hope I can show you something better next week!

Anyway, enough of moi and my woes. Let's go check on the other peeps awesome progress!
Check it out HERE
Have a Great Weekend Everyone!


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Monday, April 25, 2016

American Citizenship Party

Since I shared with you the momentous event of our Citizenship, let me share with you today how we celebrated that important milestone in our lives!

Let's start off with the DECORATIONS...

Yup, I brought out my Christmas Lanterns

American Flags everywhere

I think Brass goes well with anything Americana right? Think of our Forefathers ;-)

I brought out the wreath I made last year and added more flags

The Buffet Island

Yup, more stars up above!
For the food, we had everything "American" of course...

Chips, wings, Salmon, Salad, crabs, sliders, Mac n' Cheese, corn, rolls, etc

I like how my Wings station turned out - Had 3 types of wings (Roasted, Honey Barbecue & buffalo) & 2 types of dip (ranch and Honey Mustard) . I had Potato salad and Coleslaw on the side too

Red, White & Blue Desserts
Yeah, I'm that "rich", used this cute Benjamin Franklin Napkins for the party!!!

We had The Hotdog and Chili station down in the basement along with chips and Pizza

For a hug party like ours, adding stickers to wine glasses helps if your out of charms
It was a fun-filled night with our family and friends and we capped it off by watching a big Boxing match of our favorite Filipino fighter, Manny Pacquiao.  Everyone wore Red, White and Blue too to celebrate with us!


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