Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Living

Hello friends! I hope, as always, you had a wonderful weekend.

To my friends in the northeast, hope the snow has melted and your starting to see some green around.
The buds are everywhere where I'm at and I am so excited to see the blooms soon - my truly favorite time of the year, so perfect!

Anyway, because of the blooms, and because of my baby daughter, I wanted to add more pinks into our home! Here's what I came up with that might not scare off my boys too much... I hope... ;-)

Doesn't it remind you of spring?
I mixed in greens with pink to remind me of whats outside which I love

Did you notice my 'new' lucite pink grapes? I shared this find on INSTAGRAM HERE

Brought out my West Elm malachite boxes, added some faux moss rocks (From Dollar Store) and brought out one of my round bamboo tray (left-over from a gift basket), added some flowers and my 'new' brass elephant set!

I didn't change much over the piano, but I did add the cross (Wisteria score) and my bunnies! 

Aren't they cute?

I shared this already last week.

Just love my DIY Cherry blossom branches - the jumping off point for my Spring decor this year.
You can find the link on how I did them HERE

Sitting area got some blue and white too!

Added one of my basket tray (freebie from old gift baskets) again for some more natural elements

The other side of the room - nothing much exciting here, but still ties in to the entire 'spring scheme'

Got to showcase my small CRICKET BOX COLLECTION over at our Media Center. 

There you have it, Spring Living at our home. Do you think I came close to what's outside already?

On Thursday marks the start of ORC at Calling It Home, I'm joining in, hope you can follow along there too! And if your joining, I'm excited to see what you'll be doing as well! Let's cheer each other on in completing a room we can all be proud of!


Have a Great Week!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

DIY Cherry Blossom Branches

Now that you've seen my SPRING DINING ROOM,

 I'm sure you noticed this special focal display I was bragging about too - my DIY Cherry blossom Branches.

I decided to DIY this one, because for the length and amount I wanted, Buying them would end up being too costly! Even on sale, the available Cherry Blossom branches I've looked at are either, too short, or not the right color, but mostly, EXPENSIVE.

So when I made my Spring wreath...


I thought why not use the dollar store Cherry blossom for my branches?!
I love the colors and the price was so right! However, they come this way...

Not exactly the Long Flowy branches I was picturing
So I got my GLUE GUN  and gathered some Branches outside...

And I just cut them off from the main branch and glued away.
You can see how it's connected in the close-up picture above.

I thought of adding flower tape, but really, unless your looking very closely, the attachment is hardly noticeable at all.

These were only some, I made a lot more!

I ended up getting 21 pcs. of the Dollar Store blossoms to make 25 tall branches.

Here are the other branches in the Living Room
I really am very happy with the results. 
And since I change my mind so quickly, going inexpensive and practical is the best way for me. 
Now, I'm even planning on making other branches! We'll see. ;-)

On a personal note, today my little Sophia turns 6 months!!!!!

The smile that makes my day!

Unbelievable I know, time flies so fast! But I'm happy to see how much she's grown and daily, becoming her own little person! Such a happy baby, I cannot complain one bit. Always ready to give her charming smile and always interested in every little thing!

Love you so much my sweet little girl!!!

Hope you all have a Wonderful Weekend!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring in the Dining Room

Hello Everyone!

I hope your weekend was wonderful, with or without snow, I know with Easter 2 weeks away, "Spring Fever"is in your mind and home already!

I had a not-so-terrific one since I started the weekend with a viral illness. Luckily, it was over in 48 hours, hence, I'm able to write this post. However, not much done in terms of enjoying the weather outside. :-( 
Again, I'm not complaining, because, like I said last week, I was able to decorate our home for SPRING already!

Let's head off to our Dining room first!

Blue & white remains
 I kept a lot of the blue & white from winter around, the reason being, I'm not tired of it BEING HERE! It made decorating this room so much easier too!

Of course, I added the bunnies and actually moved a few of my blue & white collection to the Living room!

Simple Easter Centerpiece
 I used my 2 older laser-cut felt placemats as a small runner and added my Faux Chocolate bunnies with moss 'rocks' I scored from the Dollar store. 
I also removed the babies breath flowers from my Chinoiserie planter and added my faux white eggs & some carrots. :-)

Absolutely adore these bunnies!
 Every year, my son thinks these are real and would try to take a bite!! LOL! 

Pretty Cherry Blossom stems
I made the Cherry Blossom stems and will share it with you on my next post. I love how long and tall they are and hope you can see the Moss rabbits in between the stems jumping about!

These 2 Silver metallic bunnies (sorry for the picture color) are the only 2 new things I bought for Easter. Got it from a  new local store in town!

My Mirror shelves just got some extra bunny dose too!

There you have it. 
I promise to share with you first how I made my Cherry blossom branches in my next post.

So, are you ready for Spring in your home? The cleaning is the 'hard' part right, I try to do it one room at a time, and so it doesn't feel overwhelming. It does take longer, but the 'quality' of cleaning, I think, is better.

Have a Great week!


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