Friday, April 18, 2014

Inside the drawers…;-)

I've always been proud showing off our Kitchen office…

I love this area of my kitchen
But I never showed you what's inside the drawers.

You see, whenever I see beautiful kitchens and offices, I always wonder what's inside these gorgeous cabinets and drawers…

Is it as pristine as the outside?

Or do they have messy secrets lurking inside?
I always imagine these marvelous kitchens are as organized and as pretty as the outside.
They should start putting links to the web-versions of these photos so we can snoop around them! ;-)

And If you think that's the case here in my office... well,  it's not.

My drawers & cabinets are filled with 'real life stuff'.
But I try to keep it NEAT & ORGANIZED or I'll just go INSANE!

So if your just as curious as I am,  let's start going 'inside the 'drawers' , at least 'my drawers' shall we?!


My Calendar inside the upper cabinet door in "A"

My Command Center inside "A"

Monkey game for my son, Address letterpress,
Appliance guides & lots of pens

Inside "B" is one of our charging stations, particularly for the phones
I also have my address file here

What's inside "C" - A two-tiered drawer organizer
What's underneath

What's inside "D"

Drawer "E"
Drawer " F"
Drawer "G"
Inside "H" - The kids- gadgets- charging- station
Of course the wand has to be in there too. ;-)

The printer rests in "I" section with a pull out drawer my husband added
 Area "J" just holds some of our my mini server ware

Like I said, while the outside of my kitchen office is really nice, the inside shows my 'reality'. 
And my reality, though not as pretty as the outside, it's what helps make my everyday life functional!

I hope I didn't disillusion you with this mini-tour!

Have a Wonderful Day!


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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter thru the Years

I think this short and sweet post would be appropriate for this coming Sunday...




Here's wishing you a very Happy Easter!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When things just don't work out and when some do!

Sometimes, it just really happens.

You try so hard to make something work, but in the end you are unsatisfied and discontent with your choice. Just like my recent 'mishaps'...

I asked you back in February what to do with it and you guys all gave terrific suggestions.
In then end, I went with what I wanted and ended up with this...

Thank you to my handsome assistant for holding this up!

The cubby, which I got from TARGET was 20" wide and was still TOO WIDE for my narrow wall.
I think some of you are right, I just probably need to hang art there and just give up on any storage solution for that narrow space. It may save me some 'headaches' and 'heartaches' in the end. 
This saga continues...

And then I got this fabulous Brass Lamp from a Resale store for $8!
But the shade was yellowing already and so I tried this...

Still a failure, I also tried a black drum shade and both drum shades ended up looking very wobbly and small. I think the lamp is telling me not to change what's already right for her.
I will just try to look for a similar sized and shaped shade and maybe I'll be content.
We'll see...

Lastly, I adored Jennifer's Malachite Pagoda Prints and wanted to place them desperately in my kitchen. And since I didn't want to put it on my huge wall-papered wall, I ended up hanging them on the window corners like so....

It looked fine, but still felt 'off' and plus, the frames I used was cramping the picture itself (these were the same frames I used for my Christmas decorations last time). And so, you probably know, these babies moved and got a different frame...

One sits here...

... and the other hung here

It took me months to find the right frame and place for these beautiful prints from The Pink Pagoda
and in the end I ended up DIY-ing how I mounted it!

I used the RE frames from TARGET ($16.99 I think with the mat). I spray painted the backside of the mat with my favorite gold spray paint and just put the picture up top! Easy and perfect for this I think. Plus, I can still use the other side, which is white, if I ever change my mind again (which I don't think I will just yet)!

And lastly, about the "Chaise Chase". I finally ordered the chaise that  I think would go well with our home. It's not one of the ones I showed you HERE before. I ended up going to ARHAUS recently and ended up getting a custom piece...


No, I did not get a sectional but got  to try this one and loved the' feel'  & comfiness of it.
And since I did not like the arms and leather per se, I ordered a boxed double- arm chaise, in lush arabella taupe velvet fabric with brass nailheads on the bottom!

I cannot wait to see it and of course, lie down on it. With this piece of furniture, the FEEL really mattered a lot to me since I wanted to make sure it had the right inclination, softness and of course, look too!
And one last huge plus, when I ordered it they had a 30% off sale! 

Anyhow, that's my little story for today.
How about you, do you have some things that nag your head an in the end didn't work out at all? Or at times, does it work out  only after such a very long time of tweaking or thinking?

Have  a Great Spring Day!


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