Sunday, September 21, 2014

Final Touches in the Master Bedroom /Nursery

Thank you all for your positive comments on our Master bedroom/Nursery and all your well wishes for me and baby as well! They are truly appreciated!!!!

This week is the week for my baby's arrival,  and so before I go on a little bit of  'maternity break',  I just wanted to share with you the final touches of this room and the basement guest room in the next couple of days. 

Personalized crib

I added this beautiful name decal from JUSTFORYOU DECALS on ETSY...

 I know usually these decals go on the nursery wall, but since we don't have the real nursery ready yet, I put her name here! I think it's really pretty. :-) I also added the gold glitter bunting decal I got from TARGET ($12.99 for 1 set) to add to the design.

Lovely Name Decal up close 
I just did the bunting on the other side of the crib
 I also added the bunting on our changing table so that the furnitures will match!

We also finished out Master Bedroom gallery wall...

Wall of Love :-) for me and hubs

I got the LOVE print from ETSY as well from MISS POPPY DESIGN.

And with all of these, this room is D-O-N-E!
If you missed the reveal of this room please CLICK HERE.

Next time I'll show you the DONE Basement Guest room which my mom is currently enjoying by the way! So glad she's here, I'm so swollen all over I can hardly do anything at this point! THANK GOD for moms and all they do for us 'kids'!!!

Have a Great Week Everyone!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Master Bedroom with Nursery REVEAL!

WE are SO READY for our baby!

As of this posting, today may be the last day at the clinic before I go on Maternity leave.

I was planning to go on leave next week, but with the way things are going, I 'm just no super woman and my contractions, though still irregular, are becoming increasingly 'noticeable' for me.

So, let me share with you the room that we will be sharing with our baby who'll be with us in a few more days! Let's start the tour shall we?


Changing area as soon as we walk in
The changing area one more time
I made some minor changes here...

Tried to change the matting of the frame to gold - not working for me
So changed it back to white. :-)

Added these scrapbook stickers on my picture ledge

Crib by our window
Another angle - Giraffe is a gift from my sister

See our Diaper Bag all packed and ready!

Crib was a baby shower gift from our friends

The Bird mobile is a gift, its from Land of Nod.

I really love the modern and clean lines of our crib. The price is pretty reasonable too. I used 2 mattresses since I didn't want to keep on bending over, and I luckily got so many gorgeous crib sheets that I'm so excited to use!

The pillows are just for display of course (SIDS precaution, no blankets and pillows around right?)
The bedding here now is from Land of Nod, blanket is from Target

Used my JA sheets and added a few pillows...

The "I LOVE US" pillow is something I made from SHUTTERFLY
The 2 pink velvet ones are from IKEA

I got the adorable Gold Typography by LINDSAYLETTERS from HOBBY LOBBY
 Right now, more of the stuff here are mine, except for the Boon bottle warmer and the Baby Spa Machine. That'll soon change since this is where I plan to put my breast pump,  extra bottles  & other feeding paraphernalia.

Pink Faux Leater tray is from TJ MAXX clearance for $8

Belly Book by the way is my Pregnancy journal. I also keep a good stash of Baby THANK
YOU cards close by :-)

Where OUR stuff are - well, some of it at least ;-)
There you have it friends! All set and ready to go for life with our new baby!

Have a Wonderful Week!

P.S. I would like to express my deepest THANKS for all your kind words about my last post!!!
I will miss my 'other kids' for sure too!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Being A Doctor first

Hello Friends!

This week has been crazy busy again for me. I have been busy preparing for a talk for this summit...

And at the same time getting my 'other house' in order... That is my CLINIC.

I don't want to leave my patients hanging in the air when I go on Maternity leave soon, so my schedule has been booked to the teeth. :-)

Anyway, like I've said before, PEDIATRICS is my FIRST LOVE and will always be the career for me, so for you all my decorating-loving friends, although you know I am also passionate about decorating and my home in general, I thought I'd share this super short video of ME on how I feel about my first love...


Hope you all have a wonderful day my friends and wish me luck!

My Thoughts on 9/11


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