Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christmas in the bedroom & another WIN for me!

I know you're all probably neck deep in preparation for Thanksgiving by now, but I thought I would share one more sneak peek of a room in our house for this Holiday Season.

It's not "Christmas Crazee" (like the rest of my house ;-), but it is "Christmas Enough" for our sanctuary, since after Sophia's things vacated the space ( Remember what it looked like when the Nursery was HERE?), it was in disarray for a while, and so I only started sprucing it up a bit this Holiday season.

I also had to wait until my monogrammed pillowcases came back. :-)

Subtle greens everywhere
Not much change on this side

Window with our simple wreath and plaid ribbons - so thankful for LED battery-operated lights!
And speaking of monogram, I am in love with this new ones...

Fishtail font for our matching pillowcases
 My sheets are brand new too!
A big win from Stacey at DESIGN ADDICT MOM...
Visit her HERE

Visit Here
I was very lucky to win a sheet set from their Second Skin Collection in the FERN GREEN PATTERN!

 It is as soft as it sounds believe me!

Love the embroidery detail on my new sheets!
I am indeed very thankful for this prize!

I love my Christmas Pillow too from TJ Maxx. Euro Shams are from Pottery Barn

So tomorrow, Thanksgiving day, I am THANKFUL not just for our house and all the things in it, but most of all, THANKFUL FOR OUR HOME AND ALL THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE IT!


Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Don't forget, it starts next week...

Tour starts December 1
Link-up part December 2!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

Monday, November 23, 2015

Taking back our Office and Library - DONE!

I did it and managed to spruce up and clean up our office and library over the weekend!

Thank you for your words of encouragement by the way when I shared with your the disaster HERE.

Yup, touches of Christmas have arrived as well!
Other than the obvious cleaning and some purging I did, I also changed the position of the study table to parallel the length of the room...

I added a lot of Magazine file holders too (see arrow) to sort my husband's papers easily.
As you can see the bottom 2 rows are set aside mostly for easy filing and organization

Did you notice the art on the shelves?

Since it is Christmas, I thought of adding some Holiday cheer on the table
I also added a storage hook for my son's back pack and music book bag to keep things from crowding the floor.

Nice and neat

The wall facing the window, just need to have a lot organizing and cleaning done, and yes, THE WIG IS IN STORAGE, as it should be . ;-)

I added the paper lantern, Christmas lights and garland (same thing you'll be seeing in the Dining room btw) on the window for the holidays.

Pictures of really old men are still hanging on this side
I organized most of the books by color. 
As you can see too I scattered some of my snowflake ornaments all around too!
Closer look at the shelves - my 2 favorite paintings, The pitcher made by my son and
Jennifer Daily's "Arm in Arm"

Another favorite painting by Kerry Steele
Homework just got a lot easier
Now, the question is, 'How long will it stay this way?"! ;-)

On a more positive note please mark you calendar for this....

I can tell you, if you haven't started your decorating yet, you will surely be inspired by all the beautiful Holiday homes you will see here, and don't forget you can Link up too on the 16th!!!!!
So excited to see your home as well!

I can tell you, I'm almost done, and I can't wait to share our Christmas Home tour with you!
I will share another room with you this Wednesday for another sneak peek  of our home tour!

Have  A Wonderful Week!


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Friday, November 20, 2015

Taking back our Office and Library!

I am ashamed, but I have to be truthful.
This is a room in our house...

Yup Grapevine on the floor & swords on the desk  y'all!

Papers and books everywhere

Gauzy curtains perfect for the space!

Dad's Fix-It-Shop???

Yes, there is a wig on the coat rack & milk glass on the bins

The shredder is begging to be fed with all this junk!
I wanted to share this with you because of the ffg. reasons:

1) My life and home is no where near perfect.
2) Life happens and mess like this keeps getting pushed aside, pushed aside, pushed aside...
3) I know I/We can fix this, and that there are worse atrocities out there that are neither published nor shared (only I am crazy to do that! ;-)).

So, in between Christmas decorating and Thanksgiving preparation, I am taking back this space!
Wish me luck and lot of PATIENCE!

Don't forget!

Have a Great Weekend!


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