Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Flower Power

Since Valentines is coming up soon, my radar has been on alert for beautiful flowers.

I recently had so much fun re-arranging some ordinary store-bought bouquets in my home.
Actually, I bought only one, on SALE (you know me) for $8.99 and was able to make 2 arrangements!

Pretty pinks

I really love these colors especially with my blue and white pot

This one sits in our breakfast table
And I put the rest in our Dining room!

Got this small pot for $1.50 at an Antique store!

Still have my red flowers alive & well all the way back from Dec. 23!

I'm up for a VERY busy weekend ahead since my son is gonna be performing in Peter Pan Musical from Friday until Sunday.
He's just part of the Indian Ensemble, but even with that, technical rehearsals are still very taxing and time-consuming. My son is very happy to be part of the group though and is proud of his work, so we're on full support for this important event. Wish us luck!

Anyway, I'm Just loving all these beauties I see everyday that of course, to me, cost almost nothing.

How about you what's your favorite kind of store-bought flowers?

Have a Lovely Weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fiddle Leaf Update & tips

Got them for $4 each
Well, surprisingly enough, despite my "black thumb" (which I wrote about HERE),
they have surprisingly held up well and thrived!



When I first got them, I was expecting the worse, they weren't exactly in great shape at the start (hence, the clearance bin). But I believe that with our TLC (and bigger pot) they truly are quite remarkable now!

They grew so well that I was able to give 3 of my girlfriends this plant!
I didn't prune them, It turned, out there were 2 in each pot. So I actually ended up paying just $2 per plant?!!! My friends were so happy to get their own fiddle leaf fig too since ours have become so beautiful!

The tallest one so far

My mother-in-law who's an avid gardener in the Philippines, even thought my the Fiddle leaf figs were artificial since they looked so perfect!

What's our secret?
Not much really, but here is what we've been doing and so far, has worked well for these plants:

1) We water these babies generously once  a week in the summer and every 2 weeks in the winter. 

2) I do put some indoor plant fertilizer every 3 months or so (whenever I remember sometimes, so I didn't do this consistently)

3) Aphids can become a problem and nuisance. I just used water with some drops of dish washing soap in them, spray and wipe away. I don't put any oil in the leaves, their just shiny and perfect the way they are.

4) I do trim the bottom (not the top like most experts say) occassionally (like 3x  only since we got them)

5) We did transfer them right away to Bigger Pots for them to grow better! Actually we need to transfer one to a bigger pot soon...

I truly love these plants, and they are perfect touches of green year-round inside our home!

I still want them to look like this though...


So I better get my pruning skills honed right?!

How about you, do you have any indoor plants that makes you happy?

                          Have a Nice Day!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Furniture that can grow up with your kid - part 1

Ok, now that the 'tour' of my Winter Blues home is done. I've got Nursery in my mind lately.

And with that,  I've been "Screen Shopping" for furniture and decorative items that can go in that special room.

For one thing, there's a lot of great pieces out there now, definitely pieces that can easily grow with your child and better yet, go anywhere in your home!

One of the stores I love is LAND OF NOD...
Campaign Dresser
Campaign Desk
Now You See It Acrylic Bookcase

Andersen Dresser
Campaign Nightstand
As You Wish Settee
Circulation Chest
Color Weave Toy Box
Do you see the versatility of these pieces? Gone are the days of  Car beds and Castle cabinets 
(well,  maybe not yet),  and kid furniture are now more practical and definitely more beautiful!

What do you think? Which one is your favorite and where will you put it or how will you use it?

Have A Great Weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...
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