Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Pretty in Pink Christmas Home Tour - Living and Dining Room

Hello Friends and WELCOME!!!

"Come on in!"
I'm finally ready to open up our home once again to people in the blogosphere for this wonderful Christmas tradition of Home tours! As you can see, I am joining two fabulous home tours, which by now, are both close to finishing so I bet, YOU ARE INSPIRED to the nines like I am!

If you are coming from Home by Heidi or Setting for Four, you are already blown away by their beautiful homes, I hope I do not fall short! ;-) But before we get into business, I need to thank a few special people in making this possible...

Thank you so much Marty @A Stroll thru Life
for letting me join once again this amazing group!

Thank you to Jenny of Evolution of Style,  Amy & Christy of 11 Magnolia Lane
who once again gave me the honor of joining their fabulous home tour!

Special thanks to our 12 DAYS OF HOLIDAY HOMES sponsor 2 years in a row,
LYNCH CREEK FARMS! Appreciate your support so much in our meager endeavors and truly
love all your products!!!! Kudos to your great company!
Ok, so as my daughter said, "Come on in!" 

Welcome to our Living room!

We used our new tree this year, actually we bought it 2 years ago, but I ended up using our old tree for last year. I love how narrower this new tree is, same 7.5' height like all my other trees are, but since the space is so limited, I think this narrower tree fits the space perfectly!

I made most of the major ornaments on the tree, I started with basic white glass balls and painted away using different shades of acrylic pinks! I also copied this tutorial from Alice & Lois for my DIY marbled ones! Such fun projects!

You can check them out on my IG HERE

Peonies for Christmas? Why not! ;-)

I tied pink ribbons on my plain pink pillows inspired by Driven by Decor

Simple coffeetable vignette

Over by the stairs, it's the first time that I've hung fresh Cedar garland I ordered from Lynch Creek Farms on the banister and I love it!

Mix of old and new trees here

I also think that my original watercolor abstracts from Gina Julian are perfect for my Pink Christmas!

Placed Christmas cards we get here too!

Now, let's go to the Dining Room!

Pink and Red All over!

Showcased my Vintage Ceramic Pink Tree on the table this year!

I got these Kate Spade plates from TJ Maxx, the gold flatware is a score from Jennifer at Dimples & Tangles

I think I'm starting a Gingerbread house collection, I scored this big one from AT HOME. Actually I missed out on the really big one I wanted. I saw it, didn't get it and when I went back, it was gone! ;-( Lesson learned, when you love something, just get it, especially around Christmas tim,  returns are easy anyway.

Our elf, Buddy, is trying to eat it!

I will also share some snippets from the Kitchen and bedrooms here, but since the post is getting too long, I will do a separate one for these rooms later on.

Our Master Bedroom - I finished this for the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE this November, and
if you want to check it out, do so HERE

My DIY Christmas Prints for our Breakfast area

My Daughter's Peppa Pig Tree

My Mini Chanel Tree inside our closet (giving my husband clues is getting harder and harder)! ;-)

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree in my son's room (check out how long ago I've set up this room)

I hope you enjoyed this very "girlie" Christmas we have going on here. I'm so glad my husband and my boys are not complaining about all the PINKS in the house! LOL! 

Please check out the other fabulous homes of Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality  and Home by Heidi if you haven't done so yet! I also added all the links of the homes you may have missed below!

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

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  1. Everything looks so beautiful! Merry Christmas to all of you, Vel!....Christine

  2. Oh, Vel, this is spectacular! I'm so looking forward to more in spite of you saying it was too long!

    I always get a live tree, and I wish I could find one tall and narrow like the one you have, nature doesn't go that route, sadly! lol! Maybe one day I will switch, our living room is very small.

    Your space looks festive, but not overdone-that's a real talent. The stars on the upper windows, the pillows on the sofa and chairs, your bannister (how I wish I were at the lakehouse where we have a lovely staircase!), all gorgeous. Your paintings are the sweetest touch-you are GOOD!

    Your dining room is an explosion of pretty colors, and festivity as well. Love the way you presented your napkins and the entire table setting.

    Again, looking forward to more!

    Jane x

  3. Vel!! You outdid yourself this year!! I SO LOVE your pink and red color scheme in the living room, your tree and handpainted ornaments are so gorgeous!! Especially LOVE your hostess at the front door with that sweet face!! You amaze me with all you do and I so enjoy seeing your home all decked out each year. I hope you and your beautiful family enjoy it all - the house and this magical time of year!

  4. It's all stunning, Vel, but the little trees are my favorite--your daughter's Peppa Pig tree, your son's Charlie Brown tree, and your gorgeous closet tree! Also the vintage white ceramic tree on your dining room table. Thanks so much for sharing your home with us--Merry Christmas!

  5. Wow Vel your home is stunning dressed in all your beautiful pink, and your ciy ornaments on the tree are so pretty. Now you know that I am loving your Channel tree, that is perfect. I think I need one too. Thanks so much for joining the tours, your home is always a delight.

  6. Vel, everything looks beautiful. You are masterful at the details, I love pouring over your pictures for ideas. The pink is fresh and fun, it is all so perfectly styled. I have to tell you my favorite part is the movie prints! My family would love those, such a fun tradition each year :) Thank you for joining in our tour!

  7. Vel you have done it again! Where to start...the Chanel tree is just too wonderful for words and I am love with the pink. It is perfection!

  8. Hi, Vel, I think I'm just finding your blog recently from clicking around the home tour with Marty, so nice to meet you. Your home looks so festive and cheery, I love all the red! Merry Christmas to you!

  9. Vel, Everything is gorgeous!! I love how you incorporated all of the pinks! AND... I can't believe you made most of your tree ornaments. Thank you so much for sharing! xo, Amanda @ Dixie Delights

  10. Gorgeous, love everything about it. So festive and merry!

  11. SO pretty! I adore your tree and all the presents. And that adorable ginger bread house and staircase. Love everything

  12. Vel I am swooning over your pictures. Just gorgeous. That stair case is fabulous for all the holidays and you always do it up so nicely. Christmas in your home is gorgeous. Love your little sweet girl peeking out the front door to welcome us in. Too cute.

  13. Vel- I just love your color choice this year. Pink and red. it's all so beautiful. swooning over your vintage pink tree. Merry Christmas!

  14. your tour is so cheery and fun, vel! love the table with that white tree especially, and your little pumpkin at the door!

  15. All so beautiful! Merry Christmas to you, Vel!

  16. Vel, you home is beautifully decorated for Christmas. So many special and unique touches.

  17. Vel, your home looks gorgeous dressed in these pretty colors! Your Christmas tree with all your handmade ornaments is a stunner. Now, the Peppa Pig and Charlie Brown trees are just adorable. It's lots of fun touring your beautiful home!

  18. Vel, what a spectacular display of gorgeousness! I am truly blown away by all of the incredible detail you've put into your Christmas home! So stunning, and all of that glorious pink is amazing!

  19. I love your ornaments! I need to try the DIY marbled ones - so so pretty! Your home tour is amazing - and beautiful! Merry Christmas! xo Heather

  20. Your holiday home is breathtaking, Vel, and your Christmas tree is simply stunning. What a treat to behold!

  21. Stunning Vel! Love the cutie at the front door :) Merry Christmas!


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