Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Uses for Old things - CAKE STANDS

One of my favorite magazines is REAL SIMPLE.

In it, they usually have a section that features New Uses for Old things (hence, the title). They come up with great ideas on how to use different things like example spaghetti noodle used as a candle lighter...

Anyhow, I have a few ideas of my own, and here I'll start with new uses for good ol'
Look at these gorgeous beauties

I am one of many fans of this beautiful and very useful object.

I have a bit of an addiction really in that, I have collected a lot of these. I usually buy them from flea markets, garage sales and whenever they're on sale at any of the stores.

As long as I like the form, I get them. I use them during parties a lot, but in the course of my "decorating adventures" I have used them for other things ( well, I have to put them somewhere right?!)... I realized that cake stands don't just belong in the Kitchen or Dinner table...

I have used them in my Dining room...

 As candle holders layered with different plates 
I have used them in my Bathroom...

To hold my perfume collection

In my Entry...

To hold my flower pot

In my Living room...

To hold decorative objects

For outdoor entertaining...

Propping up my Juice dispenser

And of course in my kitchen cabinets as just plain decorative objects themselves...

This one even holds a clay mold bowl my son made in Kindergarten!

There you have it folks, my little take on NEW USES FOR OLD THINGS. I hope you find some inspiration thru this posting!

Have A Wonderful day!


  1. I think I need to get myself a few new cake stands!

    1. Most definitely Laura - especially after you move :-). Liked your post on Memorial day a lot!

  2. I love the perfume display! So pretty! Thanks for the visit. :)

    1. thank you Amanda! you have a wonderful blog! I'm sure to be a regular :-)

  3. You have great ideas for the cake stands. I love them too but limit myself because of storage.


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