Friday, May 11, 2012

Awesome finds - Side Tables

I love browsing thru the net... and because of this I often see a lot of great deals that I often share with Reichel over at Here are some of my latest finds...

Directoire Black & brass granite side table

This baby is  $872.50 from Horchow!!! Pretty steep! BUT, I found this other one from Urban Outfitters for (DRUM ROLL PLEASE..) $64!!!!!

Metal Accordion side table
I know, their not exactly the same, but THE LOOK IS! :-)

How about this one...

Horchow Iron Side table
This one was $1399!!!! Now on sale at $599 ( you call that a sale?!) at! Why will you get this, when you can get this....

Mirrored side table

I found this one at one of my favorite bargain sites The price? $209.99! A lot better indeed. I know the finish is off, but hey, if your dead-set on silver, a can of spray paint is less than $5!

And lastly, I saw this beauty at Restoration hardware...

Dutch Industrial Side table
It goes for $445-$595 depending on the size. This is pretty, but you can get the same look for a lot less with this...

Renate Grey End table
$258.99 from!

If your like me who goes for looks above all else (ok, maybe WANTING something is tops and looks is just 2nd to this), there can almost always be bargains to be had.

But remember, sometimes there is a reason why these become bargains (e.g. poor quality, material, or smaller size, etc...), so be wary too before buying. In general though, I have not regretted any "bargain" lookalikes I've bought so far.

Happy Shopping! :-)

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