Sunday, June 22, 2014

Making our Wisteria-filled pergola a reality

You probably saw our PLANS after we set up our Pergola.

And we really want to have something like this...

Our inspiration photos are pergola filled with Wisteria Vine. So, naturally, we had to get our Wisteria Vines.

We got ours at a local garden Center -$48 per vine plant
And since the pergola was made of metal, we were afraid with the extreme heat in our area, the metal might end up being too hot for the vine to grow onto. Plus the posts seems too narrow for the vines for the vines as well.

So my brilliant husband devised an ingenious plan to build a trellis on the pergola posts!

Not looking so ingenious yet... ;-)
I have to thank my hubs for this idea immensely since I initially tried to convince him to buy something like this because I was doubtful of that plan...

Romantic Curved trellis from Menards

I just thought something ready-made would be easier and quicker, but then it's made of metal again, and I'm not sure our wisteria will survive climbing up these. 

So he built this instead....

Looks way better than my store-bought trellis

Up close
He built this using  2" x 1" pieces of wood and painted it with black outdoor paint.

We used the original trellis first to let the vines get acclimated to it's new pot and location.

We also added some mushroom compost around the vine plant as recommended by the gardener at the garden center we bought it from (apparently fungus is the wisteria's main enemy- anyhow, we both don't know much about it so we just followed what the gardener said, if you know something about vines, please let me know on how we can take care of it better!).

Our Wisteria without her 'crutches'

After a few days we removed the trellis our wisteria came with and tied her up to our own trellis.

We're keeping a close eye on it and hopefully we'll be able to share our progress on this. 
On a  not-so-good-note, they say it may take up to 3 years before a wisteria would start blossoming. But I'm in no rush, we just want the greenery to start creeping up before the winter starts again and also just trying to keep our wisteria alive! Cross your fingers with me would you?

Have a Great Week!



  1. Good idea! It will look so pretty when the wisteria starts climbing and blooming.

  2. I cannot wait to see the progress as the wisteria grows. We had it all over our arbor in Atlanta and was hard to control. It needed lots of pruning.

  3. Fingers crossed. It takes patience to wait for flowers to bloom sometimes!

  4. Your outdoor area looks so pretty, Vel! Good luck with the wisteria vine. They are so pretty when in bloom. I don't know a lot about wisteria, except that they like a lot of sun and require good drainage. Have a great week!

  5. Oh this will grow and fill in in no time. It will be so fabulous.

  6. You have a sweet husband. Your back yard is looking great! Good luck with the vine.

  7. It already looks amazing. And once that wisteria starts growing - wowza! I definitely need to find out of it grows in our climate. I just love it so much!

  8. Love the trellis, it's going to be so nice covered with wisteria! Your outdoor oasis is soooo nice!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  9. Wow, I love this idea! I think it's worth the wait. Thank you for the great inspiration, as you've now just given me some sleepless nights as I'm now officially obsessed with this idea.....

  10. Your husband is good! Such a beautiful spot to hang out in and I can't imagine how amazing it will look once that wisteria starts growing!

  11. That space looks so beautiful! I could not help but notice a rack with pretty pots/planters peeping from the corner of the pics. Very attractive.

    All the best with the Wisteria. With all the care and love that the plant is getting, I am sure you'll have the desired results very soon.


  12. YES! I so voted for that wisteria ;) The smell is just too good to pass up!! xo

  13. You really did a good job, Kabayan.

    I can't wait to see the wonderful flowers hang and smell the whole summer.

    Wish I could sit with you and just relax while looking at the kiddos running around.

    Opppsss, when is the due of the lil belly (babaeng maganda)?

    Good luck and keep us posted.

    GB & hugs from D´Box.

  14. This is going to be soooo pretty...your hubs had a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing at my Show and Share party.


  15. Fingers crossed! It's going to look amazing, and what a great idea for the trellis, much better than the decorative metal ones you purchase!!

  16. It's going to look - and smell - amazing when it's all filled in!

  17. Such a gorgeous outdoor area you have, Vel! The wisteria will be so beautiful once the plants mature.

  18. What a beautiful outdoor space you've got there. And your husband is clearly very handy!!

  19. I just love when you post your outdoor pics - always so gorgeous. Excited to see the wisteria take off. Haven't had luck growing any in Wisconsin - much too chilly around here. Keep us updated! Jane

  20. What a handy husband! I love it! :)

  21. Oh wisteria is one of my favorites! By next summer you will have a showpiece I am sure!

  22. I think it is lovely and will be fine. So pretty. Perfect outdoor living area.

  23. I love wisteria and it'll be lovely in a few years!

  24. Your inspiration photos are just beautiful. I think your new trellises complement your pergola perfectly, and it looks to me like your wisteria plants are off to a good start. We had to replant new climbing roses recently; it's frustrating to wait for them to grow up tall, but well worth the wait in the end.

  25. Vel, Your outdoor space is beautiful! The trellis was a great idea and the Wisteria will be beautiful!

  26. I found your link on Fluster Buster party and thought I would stop by. I just posted an article about making a backyard retreat. I love the trellis's you have made, they will work well. Enjoy your new area!!

  27. Oh, I love the look of Wisteria, hanging from a pergola or trellis! Can't wait to see it down the road, once it starts climbing up and through. It will be beautiful! I hope you keep updating with pictures, as it grows over time!
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage


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