Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Unique Kids Room Art

Eventhough I won't set up my nursery just yet, it doesn't mean I haven't been browsing on what I'm gonna be putting in it.

Here are a few of my faves right now that would make any room look ultra-cool and unique. I think most of them would make great gifts as well for any kid in your life!

Spineless Classics
Harry Potter & the Philosophers stone
Doesn't it look great in a kids room?
Isn't this cool? This prints are actually the entire book printed artfully in one big page to display! This one will for sure be a treasured art work for any reading-loving or book-loving kiddo in your life!

Wool Felt Animal Heads
You know I love Fauxidermy, and these cutees above fit the bill for a young 'un to a tee!

Forever Young Sheet Musical Decal
I love music and I think sheet notes are so pretty framed as well, especially the vintage ones. This decal will make a huge statement for the little singer or ballerina in your life.

Aged Metal Wreath
I love that you can also use this elsewhere in the house but the dainty flowers just scream 'precious' for your little one.
Natural History Framed Wall Art - Has a bug version too!
I love these! Also comes in bugs and flowers!

Pink Ombre Butterfly Art
Etsy always comes on my go-to-sites for fabulous unique art like this. Just lovely!

Abstract Art Print

Happy Girls are the Prettiest
These prints will add so much color and vibrance to any room!

Of course, you can't get anymore unique in art than PERSONALIZED ART!
Here are my current faves...

The Little Miss Personalized Wall Art
Personalized Newspaper Bouquet
Personalized Storybook Forest Art

Family Tree Rings
Children's Name Art Typography print
The last one I actually gave as a gift to a friend who just had her baby! It's printable and so unique and pretty in any type of room!

How about you, any unique art for your kid's space that you'd like to share or would love to have?

Have a Great Day!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. This list is wonderful! I think the wool felt animals and the flower metal wreath are my favorites. Thanks for sharing!


  2. So many amazing choices. It's hard to choose a favorite, but the butterfly art is pretty spectacular...

  3. All such darling choices! And have you seen the framed map dresses at RH Baby & Child - love those too!

  4. These are all just too fabulous! So, I have to say that those butterflies might be my favorite. I think 3d art is just incredible. I say it probably every day, but doesn't Etsy just have the most amazing stuff? I don't know what I did before!! My family picks on me so much because I'm obsessed... I love fauxidermy too! (is that how you spelled it?!) It's so cool! And, of course, you know I think those prints with the book written are incredible. Kendall Boggs has these fabulous dress paintings that are my all-time favorite. I have one in my guest room and have given several as gifts for weddings, baby showers etc. They are so sweet but also not too overly prissy. Does that make sense? Anyway, you should check them out! Not that you don't already have a million great choices... Whatever you choose down the road is going to be perfect! xo Kristy

    1. I will! Thanks for the info Kristy! BTW, hope you read this since your comments don't seem to be appearing in my email, maybe you should check your settings dear!

  5. Oh, I love the butterfly art! And how neat are those book pages prints! I've never seen those before, but they sure are unique!

  6. Oh, Vel...there are so many great ideas out there these days! My nurseries were very pretty but we had none of these resources or ideas spread around. I love those butterflies and the babies names done on the signs. If you like the 3D, go for it!!

    Is your son going to a week long camp? Summer long? My kids went to all day and sometimes half day camps. Thank goodness...it kept them busy and me sane!! :)


  7. These are very cute ideas, Vel. I am so excited for you. Thank you so much for the prayers....Christine


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