Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Million Dollar Baby

As I browse thru the myriad of current baby items around, I am amazed at some of the things that are available to these precious babies. Some a bit 'weird'...

Homedics Sound spa
not sure what it's for but I added it to my registry ;-)

and a lot, precariously & 'ridiculously' expensive....

$2,395- 4,140 Ducduc Morgan Crib

$3,950 + 250 shipping - Nursery works Vetro Crib
Same kind Baby Blue Ivy has (Beyonce' and Jayzee's kid)

$5,236 Pumpkin Iron Crib
Would work well for a Cinderella-themed nursery right?
All you need is a fairy Godmother to watch over your little one!

Solid 24K gold Egg Dodo Baby Basket -$12 Million
The plastic version costs 'only $2,500, a 'bargain' compared to this one!

Magic Bath Baby Hot tub -$2,186
Really? Do you want to introduce your baby to this kind of luxury this early?;-)

The Roddler - $4,495
Customized Alligator or stingray leather seats anyone?

If your asking if any of these are on my wish list? Nah - I do love my baby but I'm no gazillionaire and I think even if I was, that much money would be put to a lot of much better use in my opinion. 
Anyway, it is a free country, and people can buy what they want, and not what the baby really needs right?? 

As for my choice of baby gears, I've done my research and I think my choices would be perfect for us.
I'll share them with you some other time!

Have a Fabulous Day!


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  1. Wow! Things have sure changed a lot since my babies were little! Amazing!

  2. These things are all really a big waste of money. So sad that this much money isn't put to better use.

  3. You know how I love to visit your baby home!! Your baby bedroom is so beautiful.. all the crown molding and those gorgeous plantation shutters.. You are so blessed in so many ways. Your bedroom is so lovely bet you never want to come out!
    Kids Bedroom

  4. Isn't it crazy the things people with money to burn will spend it on? And in general, the things we all invest in for babies…..as a seasoned mama you know how some are winners and some are unnecessary. When we had our first baby we lived in a tiny little cottage and the entire house was filled with baby things - a swing, bassinet and crib, changing table, portacrib, exersaucer, johnny jump up. We really thought we needed everything! Are you getting so excited to see your sweet babe? I am!

  5. What a big way to waste money! I don't even like them, but yeah, we're all so different. Anyhow, it is fun getting all that stuff babies need :)

  6. Oh my goodness! And I thought I went overboard... We went a little first-baby crazy and had every gadget on earth. (I mean, not to this extent!!) All he really needed were some onesies and his mommy! :) I'm sure you have it all down at this point! Can't wait to see what you pick for you new little one!

  7. So sad these weren't available when I had my girls - I have $12 million burning a hole in my pocket for that golden egg!

  8. Don't you wonder who buys that stuff? The very wealthy people that I know are very particular about how they spend their money!!

  9. I just went shopping for my niece's baby shower and I was lost looking at all the new products. They were not nearly as extravagant as these items, but boy have things changed since my kids were born! I did have fun buying gifts though...little pink things are always fun to purchase!

  10. Okay, so we have gone through 3 of those Homedics Sound Spas!!! (They don't last very long...) It really helped my son get to sleep when he was about 2 years old. I used the ocean sound as white noise (we have a small house) and he enjoyed the projector part (that's the part that kept breaking). We don't use it anymore, but there certainly was a time when we wouldn't travel w/out it!

  11. What?! I think everyone needs a 24 karat gold bassinet for their baby! ;)

  12. Fun to look at but really?? If I did have the money I can think of better things to spend it on! Fun post though!

  13. Haha! I am with you re the prices of some of these products!! The only splurge I made was on the Orbit stroller. It was worth it too! I used it with Zion and Ian and it still works! My Trip Trapp high chair might also be considered a splurge? However, it's well made and both boys used it. Ian still uses it at the table.

  14. Wow! I cannot BELIEVE how expensive those cribs are!! Goodness! Although, it is fun to look at all that extravagant stuff. :) I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of baby gear you chose for your little girl. I bet things have changed a lot since I had my boys. :)

  15. Who knew they made such crazy things for babies!


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