Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello summer! Our Outdoor Oasis in 2012

We finally finished cleaning & unpacking the deck. And here is the result if our hard work...

Our Summer Oasis

I just love this space!

We went from this...

Grime and dust abound
and this...

No hope in site for all the LUMOT (moss)!
Using a regular deck cleaner which we bought on sale for $1.50 for 4 gallons, our composite deck improved to this...

At least the moss is gone
We've upgraded our dining area outside from this...

ok but a little chaotic...

To this....

A much better umbrella I think

The umbrella cost me a mere $35!!! It's from JCPenney on clearance ! I love its color and the shape, it totally matches our pillows.

Outdoor dining area

We got the 2 head chairs from target.com, the same Windsor Line ( on clearance at $416 for 2). I got the outdoor carpet for this space from Overstock.com for $199, it's from the Safaveih line.

Outdoor Living/lounging area

Outdoor living area

The outdoor living area hasn't changed much, again the furniture was on clearance 2 years ago at target.com called Windsor line from Smith and Hawken. The pillows were from restoration hardware.com, they were on clearance too, 2 years ago for $10 each!!! The birdcage was from Crate and barrel on sale as well and the yellow pots from TJ Maxx. Carpet was from Ballard designs.com for $199. The white ceramic garden stool is from wisteria.com on sale and the 2 black ceramic stools in between is from TJ maxx for $24 each.


Privet Lane Planters from target

Like I always mention, I am no gardener. So I bought these plants - Emerald Green shrub from The Home Depot for $19 each, and trailing petunias from Walmart. The petunias were $10 a piece, meant for hanging, but I cut the hanger off and stuck them in the planters.

 The planter is from TARGET from their latest "Privet Lane" line. I like its's simplicity in an otherwise a little bit more traditional styled space. The 2 white lanterns on the back were from Home goods.

Lastly, we added this...

Guess what?

An outdoor projection screen!!!!! Yes, we do love our movies and what better way to enjoy them this summer than to watch them while night swimming! Cool huh?!

Outdoor TV's cost in the thousands! We thought this would do, the cost? $165 from  Amazon.com

Outdoor movie anyone?
The only downside to this screen is that, since it uses a projector, you have to start watching when it really is dark outside already. But then again, that is the best time for me and my family to swim since we don't like getting sun burns. :-)

There you have it folks, hope you can all drop by and enjoy summer with us!

Have a nice sunny day!

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  1. You are a girl after my own heart - a great bargain hunter! I was looking at those Privet planters too! I might get the cb2 version though. The projection screen is pretty cool! Great job, Vel!

    1. Thanks dear, I have one of those planters from CB2 already! The only downside though, is it makes yupi easily! mine was totally totalled by my little boy! That's why I did not get them again. It is beautiful and has great shape, I used it indoors and still it couldn't stand to the "elements" - kid elements that is! LOL!

  2. What a gorgeous space! I love all the yellow details!

    1. Thank you Kim! Coming from you, I am indeed flattered! You have a Great blog, I'm sure to be a regular! Thanks for visiting!

  3. This is such a beautiful space. You have done a spectacular job with the makeover! I love the bargain hunter in you.

    1. Thank you nanay! I think we all love saving whenever we can, and I've realized, with furniture and decorative stuff, it's best to wait til the prices really drop. I definitely agree with whoever said that "patience is a virtue"! :-)

    2. Sorry for the typo NANcy. :-)

  4. You have a fabulous space! Love the pops of yellow (my favorite color)!
    Thanks for linking up to our Summer Spruce Up Party!
    Restoration Beauty

  5. I really love this! The pops have yellow are perfect and I am super jealous of your awesome bargain umbrella! It's the perfect thing to tie those two spaces together. Awesome job!

  6. WOW! Nice back yard! I am envious of all of those who have summer weather already. Here along the Pacific Coast in Canada - it can still be chilly!

  7. Fabulous. I love the pops of yellow, that is my favorite color at the moment!

  8. I love your outdoor oasis. Great idea about the screen. My husband has been wanted to do this in our pool area. I will have to show him your idea:)

  9. I am so jealous of that outdoor living area. First, because you have the weather for it (we have to bring everything in at night), and second because you have so much space! Beautiful job!

  10. Lovin' all the yellow Vel! It looks fabulous - such a great space to spend time:)

  11. I love the pops of color and especially how you softened the edges with the potted plants!

  12. Hi, I just saw your post on the Outdoor Extravaganza Link Party. I love your patio and the contrast of colors it looks so fresh and crisp!

  13. So gorgeous! Your entire home is gorgeous! I don't know how you find the time to be a pediatrician and a blogger!

  14. This is an amazing space! I am coming over to swim, bbq and watch a movie! I will be featuring for a link party round up tomorrow on my blog!

  15. What an amazing space you've created for your family ~ love that you've done it all without spending a lot!

  16. Oh I am in love with this outdoor space... it's beautiful!! :*

  17. Can you please tell us where you got the gazebo from? Thank you.

    1. We bought it from Sam's club, they still have it available I think!


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