Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Laundry Room Update April 2012

We all spend a lot of time in this room... come to think of it, most of us dread going into this room and try to do this chore somewhere else!

You very well know what I'm talkin' about, I'm talkin' about the LAUNDRY ROOM!

Most of you saw how we first tried to organize this room in my post called Laundry room before and After. Well, since like most of you I spend a lot of time in this crazy space, we tweaked it a little more to make it more conducive to this back-breaking chore.

Actually, this happened...


Yes, my earlier idea of using plastic shelving to house my laundry and cleaning supplies failed disastrously! Just take a look! So I had to find a better substitute. So last Friday, I want to my local Sam's Club and got this...

Much better :-)

This kinda looks like a Parsons-style cabinet/shelving system. It is a nice chocolate brown color with laminated wood shelving. And the cost? $36! Not bad at all. And to top it all of, it is so easy to assemble that I did not even ask my hubby to help assemble it, I did this baby by my lonesome! It was that easy (My hubby was actually a bit impressed I did it on my own! )!

As for the rest of the room....

I asked my husband to attach a shelving unit for the baskets and added this wall decor from Hobby Lobby. Here's a closer look...

Contemporary Funny Laundry decor

Here's another look

And here are other little touches we made...

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We hung our drying rack on this side and since it is light, I can easily get it and use it when needed.

As always, like all the other rooms in our house, this is a room in progress. But for now, Laundry has become a "little bit easier" !

Have a Nice Day!


  1. Great job Vel! Thanks for all your nice comments! I really appreciate them.

    Guess what?! We are also FEU grads batch 01. I remember you and Gerson now. My friend/batchmate Myan Enriquez met you at church in Chicago. I don't know if you remember her. But she mentioned you guys before so when you told me FEU, it finally clicked. Small world right?

    I love what you did to your Master bedroom! Very soothing. I wish you guys lived closer!


  2. OMG! Small world nga! I don't remember Myan, but we've met soo many pinoys in Chicago, that I'm sure if I see her face I'd remember. Sana nga kaput bahay Lang tayo so we can discuss, bounce off ideas and help each other with our DIY projects! Please add me on FB, I use my full name there so we can keep in touch more. :-)


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