Thursday, May 17, 2012

Awesome finds - Beds!

I again was on a hunt, totally far-fetched from these finds, however, I couldn't resist sharing these with you and COPYCATCHIC.COM !

Take a look at this one from Restoration Hardware...

Sleigh bed
$2935!! Luckily for you ( if your looking for the exact same bed), I found the exact same bed at for $1200! It came in black color too at Jcpenney's!

The other one is this...

St. James Panel Bed

Again, from Restoration hardware, and priced at $2760. I found almost the same bed (finish is a little different) at for $800!

Here's a COUPON to help you out with your shopping!

Sweet dreams everyone! :-)


  1. Even with a designer discount I find the R.H. is mainly just a good source for inspiration.

    1. I totally agree Laura, although I am guilty of buying a little here and there at that store. I just couldn't resist! :-)


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