Monday, February 20, 2012

How to make your guests feel at home

I have shown you what our guest room looked like before...

Of course, things change around our house depending on the seasons, and beddings go from light to heavy as winter approaches, so naturally the decor changes too...

Window seats

I used our old Living room curtains from Pier 1 this time around. When guests are around, it's nice to put fresh flowers on the table.

Color-coordinated for the season

The comforter was on clearance at TARGET before at $12!!!!  It is very simple and nice and truly befitting fall/winter season.  I placed a queen-sized fur throw from TJ MAXX for extra comfort. The 2 cable knit throw pillows are old ones that I sometimes use in the living room.

"I am ready"

But aside from the decor, what makes a guest room special is the way the host anticipates what her guests might need during their stay. I usually think of hotel rooms,  and what I can find over there, then try to simulate the set-up in our own home.

We are the type of people who like having guests over, so naturally, this room is always ready for any last minute guests and feel welcome anytime.

Comfortable and clean bedding is important. I always have the following at bedside as well...

Ready anytime
 A water carafe, alarm clock and books to browse...

Don't forget the kids!

I also prepare some storybooks for family guests so that the kids don't feel left out. I also put some snacks out so my guests won't feel famished in the middle of the night.

TV armoire
Of course, during your guests lull time, having a tv is a blessing. Here I also placed stacks of magazine for browsing. I also have some stationary and pens, just in case they need it.

The bathroom should be clean and well-stocked...

Very important room

Cotton balls, Q-tips, Facial tissue and wipes - CHECK

Lotion, Mouthwash, First air, Deos, Feminine wash
& extra soaps - CHECK

I also place extra towels in the closet, an ironing board and iron (so if they want to freshen up their outfits, it's all set), and lots of hangers.  Our guest closet is also our linen storage, so no problems if extra pillows or blankets are needed, it's all ready for use.

I hope this gives you a little idea on how to set-up your own guest room. And like always, our home is open and welcome to friends and family anytime!



  1. Wow, you have a second career as an interior designer. Loved the ideas...honestly, this could be marketed as simple home improvement strategy. You are so creative, I can learn from this as I am trying to re-model our old home and get rid of the clutter. Love it, it is good therapy too.

  2. thanks elcee dear! This is my past time - decorating and blogging. I'm sure our home is "nothing" compared to yours! :-) it is good "therapy" for me! hahaha!


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