Monday, February 27, 2012

A Chair is a chair is a chair... or is it?

I am going crazy trying to decide what dining room chairs to get for our formal dining room.

Currently, this is what we have...

We bought this is 2006 at KMART at $25 each. Yes, it is NOT fancy at all, but despite its price and quality, it has served our purpose well for all those years.

But I also think you understand why we need an upgrade right?!

The reason this is gonna be a difficult job for me (choosing the right chairs), is because, I know it will take years again (or perhaps never), before I replace them again. Just like everyone, we know that buying and committing to a furniture is usually a long-term investment and we have to "be sure" that we love and can live with what we buy.

Even if the furniture your gonna buy is "cheap" or "affordable", the next question will be storing them when you do change them or where to give them to or how to sell them next.

In choosing a chair, I know that the design has to be timeless, not too flashy, sturdy and comfortable. Yes, comfortable, because I think the reason the formal dining set isn't used all that much in homes is because it is usually stuffy and and chairs uncomfy, right?!

Here are a few chairs I'm contemplating on...

Lexington Modern Chairs from

I have always loved the Kartell Louis ghost chairs. However, the price ($400++ each), is something that hinders me from getting them. They are plastic afterall, but I like the airy feeling of the chairs and plus they won't take a lot of visual space in my small dining room...

Simply gorgeous

However, they don't look that comfortable, even a little "cold" to a point ( looks like ice chairs too right?). The chairs above are affordable knock-offs of the original, $149 each with free shipping - very doable and can go with any decor - shape is classic but material is contemporary - very much like our design aesthetic.. aaaarggggh!

This next one is the opposite...

Palmetto Chair

This one is  from Crate and Barrel - very traditional lines but material is natural. It is actually made in the Philippines (woohoo!!!), and I like the texture of the wicker. It looks pretty comfy and would make great head chairs.

something like this...
They are a little more expensive, $379 each + shipping and taxes  (making me sweat already). But for my purpose I would need only 2, and it would go great with my Philippine decors and just about anything too!

This next one I also really like...

Willoughby Chair From West Elm
I like the simplicity of these chairs, very contemporary design, I think timeless as well, it is upholstered in both leather and fabric, and it's currently on sale ($948 for 4 - Ka-Ching!).

simply beautiful

The last one (so far), that I am seriously considering is this...

Somerton Chair from

I have seen this a long time ago, and I still love it. It's reasonable price ($464 or 2 + free shipping) is really tempting. I love the espresso finish and I just love the clean lines - contemporary but classic.

There are other types of chairs that I love - but in considering my true personal style( and budget), these chairs currently tops my list.

Just to remind you, my dining room looks like this currently....

HELP!!!!! Which chair or chairs do you think I should go for?!

A. Ghost chairs
B. Rattan Chairs
C. Willoughby chairs
D. Somerton Chair
E. Combination of  _______


Have a wonderful day!!!!


  1. My vote is Somerton because it of its simple lines and it seem to match the lightness of your dining room decor, not too heavy. The rattan will also do but the Ghost chairs were my least favorite. You need a combination of some wood and fabric..brown,white combo. Hope this helps.

  2. I have the ghost chairs in my office they're ok but not comfortable. I got them for $49 a piece at its a wholesale company based in bensenville il- you should try looking there, cheaper at their store than their online store. And if you are in Chicago let me know and stop by my store Kooky (plugging )

    1. wow! super thanks Jholet!!!! Do you sell furniture too?! I will definitely give you a holler when we're in town! Thanks again!

  3. Go with the ghost chairs!! I have 4 of them and I love them. They are so easy to decorate with. I use them at the table for a few months, then I set them around the house, here and there... I just love them! So transitional and they don't take up space, they seem virtually space free! I purchased mine on Ebay. Much more expensive than $49 but they were totally worth it!!

    1. thanks for the tip Heidi! No matter what I end up deciding for this room, I will definitely get me one of them ghost chairs!!! I really love them, and you just may have given me an idea on where to place mine! :-)


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