Monday, January 30, 2012

Food Pantry before and After

The Pantry - it can be your best friend or your worse enemy in your kitchen. I have always dreamed of a walk-in pantry, but alas, our new home does not have this, just a huge cabinet. I would love a pantry like this...


... Or this...

From Womans Day

Or even like this...


... Heaven.

But, we can't all have the space, and of course we all try to do with what we have. So one day, I tried to reconcile with my own chaos-of-a-pantry...


This is what it turned out, a work in progress...

Much better!

I corralled stuff into these wire mesh baskets I found at TARGET for a $1 (it was meant for school supplies from the Dollar bin). 

Baking, jello etc...

I also bought a "fancy" label-maker, the P-touch by Brother from Sam's Club to create the labels for my pantry.

Sauces galore

I used glass jars from ikea and some from old pasta sauces to hold a lot of our beans, etc..

Beans etc..

I used canned goods risers to help me see my canned goods better

I used the garage sale swivel for some of my flavorings

The plastic bins for my noodles used to hold drug samples. I just removed the stickers and now holds my  instant noodles nicely

I placed the snacks on the very top of the shelves to lessen the temptation of the kids "grazing" for snacks in between meals. Uneasy accesses means less use of these items in their tummys.

Hope this gives you some idea on how to organize yours. I know it's not "picture-poerfect" but at least I am contented and I know where everything is. I just hope the rest of my family knows where to put things back!



  1. gosh your pantry is so organized... it puts mine to shame! My hubby complained last week saying "how can you find anything in here?" I do organize it every 3 months but alas it always comes down to looking like Taz stormed through it after a few weeks! I'll probably be doing it more often... I discover stuff I've been looking for in there and realize we've bought double and triple the stuff sometimes! So organizing your pantry is not only a good timesaver but a good money saver.

  2. good idea....m gonna do this on our soon to be house =)

  3. hi Carmela! I think the bins really helped a lot, because now, with the labelled bins, my kids and hubby know where to find and put things back.

    At Celeste: good! I'll help you!


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