Monday, January 16, 2012

Green thumb?

All of you who know me, know that I am NO GARDENER. This is one field I may never get into since I feel terrible for the plants I try to take care of! 
Meaning, I kill them off unintentionally with the best care I can possibly give. Meaning, I know I don't have that coveted GREEN THUMB a lot of people are blessed with.

Anyhow, I was "forced" to try planting when I tried to do a good deed and help out a colleague out with her daughter's fund-raising. So I bought these Paper Whites and "planted" them a few weeks before we left for our Philippine vacation...

Still baby bulbs

Showing some hope..

Buds showing...

Beautiful blooms
So, in conclusion, there is always a "first" for anybody, including someone who's never gardened or grew anything in her life - I AM proof of that! LOL!

These paperwhites are on our breakfast table and it really does brighten and cheer up our space each and every morning! And Lo and behold, with the help of my friends who watered these babies while we were gone, it is still here when we got back!!!!

I am definitely trying AGAIN THIS YEAR! Hmmm.. a rose garden perhaps?! Ha! Too ambitious, I'll just stick to these Bulb-kinda plants. :-)


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