Monday, July 2, 2012

Getting floored!

We have been busy this week....

Hubby and Father-in-law hard at work

Good-bye checkered floors!

Even my mother-in-law is busy!
And after 3 days of labor, here is the fruit of their work....


Love, love, love

Additional seating for movie night

Now, if only the carpet installers would come right away to take care of this area....

Yeah, we drew the line on carpet installation, we knew the experts have to do this one!

Have a great week everyone!!!!


  1. Hi, Vel. What flooring material did you opt to use? Is that vinyl? :)

    1. Hi mommy G, yes, it's vinyl. We went to a flooring store who suggested vinyl because of the moisture issue with basement ( so the floors won't buckle or warp like hardwood or laminate). Our basement is not a walk-out basement, so moisture is a huge factor, we even have a 24/7 humidifier running to make sure the upstairs floors won't be affect by the moisture. It's very easy to install, so if your thinking of using one, go for it! Good luck and thanks for visiting!

    2. Hi again mommy G! I just visited your blog and WOW- you are so creative and talented! Your pictures are beautiful and crafts really cute! I'm a fan. :-)

    3. Looks great Vel! :) Thanks for browsing through my blog too.


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