Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Little bit of change

We changed out breakfast nook table recently. Since we had to move the old one into the Library, we decided to get the  60" Arc Base Pedestal Table from West Elm.

We undersetimated what a 60" table would look like and realized we needed a lazy susan since most of the time there would be only four of us at the table and passing around food would be a little bit harder with this table size.

We looked around and found the almost perfect one from Amazon. However, with a price tag of $227, we decided to "make" our own (sort of).

So we ordered these...

Lazy Susan Aluminum Bearing

Ordered this custom-sized tempered glass online at

Our local Glass store was charging us almost $300 for just the glass!


So all in all the whole thing cost us around $150 - not bad for a custom-sized lazy susan. :-)
Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Wow...that looks amazing. Love that it's glass against the wood table!

  2. Perfect - I love round tables and your fabulous mismatched chairs (love the ghosts)!


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