Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chasing a Chaise

I have been contemplating on getting a chaise for our living room this past couple of months.

What it looks now
And although I can be impulsive with 'small' items for my home, I tend to procrastinate and end up thinking for months on end for large pieces, e.g. my chairs 6 months, my sofa, around 6 months too.

So when my husband agreed we could get a chaise for our living room, I started my search already since February! Mostly online and seeing things up close in the stores.

I'm planning to put the chaise right where my 2 patterned chairs are right now. And the 2 chairs will move to the other side like so...

Christmas look
As you probably know too, my media center is right across the sofa. And though I can easily raise my feet up using the matching ottoman of my chair, there's a big difference when there is no space underneath your legs and relaxing just comes easier I think.

Also, I wanted arms on both side or none at all and not just on one side, that way I can easily move it to the other side of the room, which I probably might, since you know how fickle minded I am. 

I've looked at A LOT  already ( PB, Crate& Barrel, Arhaus, Horchow, Z Gallerie, World Market, MGBW, Zincdoor, IKEA, Ethan Allen, Wayfair, Room& Board, TARGET, Pier1) and have ruled them out because of  unavailability, wrong color or style.

So here are my options so far...

West Elm's Bliss Chaise in Marled microfiber Fabric in Mink - $1049 + 180 delivery surcharge
PROS: Love the contemporary look, down-filled, very wide hence ideal for snuggling (37"), fabric swatch sample perfectly goes well with my chairs in the living room

CONS: We tried it in the store over the weekend, and it wasn't as perfect as it looked. You see, the back is slanted so way back that you have to prop a pillow for the back and your head if your planning to do any TV viewing on this thing. 

I  was really close to getting this one but I'm glad I tried it out first since, like I said, it's not the most comfortable chaise really... :-(

Abbyson Living Richmond Taupe Linen Chaise $659
PROS: Like the clean look and swooping arms, price is very reasonable

CONS: One reviewer said it was too small at 31" wide ( I understand this because the arms are bulkier so seating might be compromised), I can't try it out and I cannot order fabric swatches, very risky

RH Belgian Slope Arm Upholstered Chaise in Brushed Belgian Linen with standard filling - $3295++
PROS: This is by far the most comfortable chaise we've actually tried.Simple and beautiful.

CONS: Did you see the price???? I could buy a whole new living room set with that price?!  Maybe too wide too at 39"

Oviedo Leather Chaise - $2395++
PROS: MY hubs loves this chaise most of all! And I must admit is is quite comfy despite it's appearance

CONS: Staggering price, a bit narrow, maybe too 'musculine' for our living room, looks better at the office

Mariah Chaise from Thomasville
PROS: Love the classic look, customizable with so many fabric choices

CONS: We still need to see this up close and are planning to visit a store this week, also seems narrow at 31", price is unknown, but then again, I can go high or low depending on the fabric I choose, a bit curvy too for my taste

Layla Grace Chamberlaine Slipcovered Chaise -$1758++
PROS: Love that it's similar to the RH one with better price, seems comfy and wide enough at 33", customizable

CONS: Waiting on fabric swatches, price is still a bit steep, again, it will depend on the fabric I choose, but I'm really loving this one

Layla Grace Gabby Kensington Chaise -$1748++
PROS: Matches my existing chairs nailheads and all, customizable including legs 

CONS: love this one the most, price still a bit steep, waiting on the fabric swatches

So friends, what do you think? Do you know of one that I should also consider or will any of these go with my living room right now?

By the way, I can't help but share this awesome news with you. A room in our home will be featured in "This Old House Magazine" hopefully, for the July issue! I'm keeping all my fingers crossed that all will go well since it's always been a dream of mine to have one of our spaces featured in a national magazine!!!!!

Have a Great Day!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. I really like the one from Thomasville. But you are right. It is best to try them out. Good luck in your feature in the magazine. Our homes have been featured in magazines and a coffee table book, so I know how excited you are.

  2. They are all lovely however I love, love, love the last one the best. So pretty. Congrats on the feature, I am so thrilled for you. Hugs, Marty

  3. I'm just like you - it takes me forever to pull the trigger on a big piece because I know I'm living with it for years whether I end up loving it or not! You've got some great options - better get a monogrammed pillow with the chaise and claim that baby as yours - that is going to be the prime TV spot!

  4. Oh and congrats on the magazine - so awesome!

  5. I have never had a chaise, I think I cannot give you advise, besides you're doing a terrific job on your search! They all look lovely! Did I miss a post? I haven't read about the magazine feature, how cool!

  6. I love the last one the most. Have you tried Ethan Allen. My mom got a beautiful one there, but it was probably pricey, too. I bet I know which room will be featured. Congrats!

  7. Oh, I'm not surprised ANY ROOM in your house could be featured in a national magazine, pretty girl; as your house is gorgeous! I love all the chaises you shared here, but you know exactly what will be perfect in your room. I too think the modern leather one is great, but masculine. I like the Thomasville for me, lol! By the way, I prayed for you yesterday at my friends first Monday of the month Rosary. Don't worry, all will be perfect with the Lord's blessings...how exciting too!

  8. It takes me forever to make big purchases too! I really like the second one, but I'd have a hard time ordering it without being able to get a swatch or try it out first. I like the Layla Grace one too, but the price is a bit steep. Oh, and congrats on the magazine feature! That's so exciting!!!

  9. I think I like the last one the best. Congrats on the feature!!! How exciting!

  10. First of all, congrats on your feature. That is awesome! All the chaises look great, I know I'm not any help. Lol. Good to try them out so you can know if they work. Good luck!

  11. I had a chaise that I loved but it was one armed. When I moved in to my new house it would only fit in one spot and the arm was on the wrong side so I had to sell it so I think getting a two armed chaise is a good idea!! I love the RH one the most but the price, wow! The last one is my next favorite I think!

  12. The chaise is a lovely idea! They all look so nice. How exciting to have your house featured. I cannot wait!

  13. Wow Vel! That's so awesome for you! Congrats!! I love the Layla Grace chaises!

  14. Yay, I'm so excited for you, Vel!! What a fun new addition to your living room, I'd have a hard time choosing a favorite!

  15. I love that Layla Grace Gabby chaise~ gorgeous!! I agree though, the price is steep. I am way too fickle to invest like that, but that is such a classic piece, you would probably have it forever! You could also move it around if you ever get sick of it in the living room...it would look stunning in the bedroom. Congrats on the magazine~ that is awesome!! Now the wheels are turning in my head...which room could it be....hmmmm.

  16. Vel, Congrats on your magazine feature...I am so excited for you! I've always loved chaise and any of these will be beautiful in your home.

  17. Hello gandang Kabayan,

    First of all, CONGRATS! "dalang sigaw na wagas", LoL* Wishing you all the best and of course, your home is more than worth it.

    Hmmm... hanggang tingin lang ako ha? Could not give an idea as we have diff culture and mentality (American vs. Swedish)? Naka!!! LoL* ulit.

    Hope you have a wonderful mid-week and a blessed weekend to come.

    Hugs from D´Box,
    /CC girl

  18. I really like the Mariah chaise from Thomasville. And a great big CONGRATS on the magazine feature!! Wow! Totally exciting!

  19. The Thomasville one is lovely, but maybe it's a little too "me" and not enough "you"... Follow your instinct! And congratulations on your magazine feature!

  20. Lots of pretty choices but I like the last one the most. Congrats also on the magazine feature! How exciting,...Christine

  21. Congratulations on the magazine feature! I love the last one. The nail-head trim is irresistible.

  22. My favorite is the Mariah chaise - but you are very wise in that you don't know what they are like until you actually sit in them. Good luck on your choice, I am your newest follower,.


  23. I totally know the feeling of rushing small purchases and overthinking the large ones!! Glad to hear I'm not the only one :) Love the Layla Grace versions - especially if you could find affordable knock-offs!


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