Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tiffany Blue Baptismal Party

A little "Christmas Break" with this post my friends.

Last December 7, our family celebrated a very important occasion in our little daughters life, her baptism ...

No crying for our little one during the entire ceremony 
We were so blessed to have this moment shared with family and friends from here and far away and the whole church community celebrated with us...

Fr. Ken singing "Alleluia" and showing off Sophia to everyone 

With Godparents
 We had 6 pairs of Godparents for Sophia (12 in total). That number is not unusual for us Filipinos - my oldest had 12 pairs of godparents, my second had 8 pairs, so come to think of it, Sophia has the least number of godparents ;-)

Our family with our parish priest
Of course with something so important comes a party that is befitting for the occasion.

I came up with a Tiffany blue baptismal party for Sophia to be held at our local country club.
I prepared my souvenirs, table centerpieces and a candy buffet set-up about a week before the event

Shared this on my INSTAGRAM account
Other than some jars & candies that I bought, most of it was decorated with my favorite material, gift wrap (from Homegoods) and ribbons!

I was only able to decorate with the help of some of my friends, a few hours the day before the event and about 1 hour before the event since the room was booked to the brim with Christmas parties back to back.  There was also another party after mine so I had to come up with decorations that were easy to set-up and easy to remove too!

Here's what I did the day before the event, set up the cake table and Candy buffet...
I added the balloon letters so that the wall wouldn't look too empty and skirted the table

Tiffany blue Candy Buffet

The sign I made for the buffet using a background from

It's my first time setting up a candy buffet and it was really fun and I think it turned out good...

marshmallows, mints, gum balls, chocolate drops, jelly beans
rock candies and twisty pops

The cake boxes were a gift  that contained the souvenir which was ordered from ETSY by our friend 

This was what's inside - Genuine pearl rosary my mom brought from
the Philippines

I added balloons for a more festive atmosphere and added the gift wrap napkin holders too.

I added tiffany blue plastic covers underneath the white cloth ones

More lettered balloons by our table
 The centerpieces were very simple. 
The centerpiece I came up with - square vase from Walmart, baby's breath for flowers, silver frames were from the Dollar Store (2 each table) contained photos of my sweet little girl

It was a fun and filling celebration...

I hope that someday our little Sophia will see how happy we all were for her...

And that everyone greeted her into the faith with love, prayers and care!

Hope you all have a Great week!



  1. Hi Vel! Oh, what a marvelous celebration for little Sophia! So glad she cooperated during her baptism! She's adorable. What a beautiful family and so many god parents! Enjoy your break and have a Merry Christmas.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Such a sweet, special celebration for a very loved little girl! Your decorations were perfect and I love those balloons spelling out her name. :)

  3. Awww! How beautiful! What a wonderful occasion. You look beautiful and so does Sophia! xo Kristy

  4. How wonderful little Sophia is now baptized in the name of Christ the Lord. The celebration looks awesome, just like something you would do, dearest Vel; such as taking care of every perfect detail for such a special occasion in baby's life and the whole family ...and all those Godparents, wow!
    You all look so happy with a darling little girl to crown such a beautiful family!
    Many blessings for Sophia, you, papa and the big brothers.
    Have a great week ahead.

  5. Such a beautiful party and decorations for such a very special Blessed event. Congratulations. Your family photos are wonderful.

  6. Such a blessed event and everything was decorated so beautifully!!

  7. Such a special occasion. Such a proud family. Sophia is lucky to loved by so many!

  8. I never knew of this tradition with Godparents but it's wonderful! So many beautiful pictures...I love the Tiffany blue theme!

    Love to you, your family and that sweet Sophia!

    Jane xx

  9. All the best for your beautiful Princess!:)

  10. Happy Baptismal Day, Miss S.

    Welcome to the Christian World. I am proud to see your beautiful family, Kababayan.

    Happy Holidays,

  11. What a lovely celebration for sweet Sophia! Your decorations were just beautiful! Hope you have a lovely week savoring the season! xoxo

  12. What a gorgeous celebration, Vel! I love the Tiffany blue theme, the candy table and all the decor around the room. The rosaries are beautiful too, and how awesome to have 12 Godparents!

  13. Oh, what a wonderful day for you all! Love the pictures and you did a fabulous job with the decorations! So pretty.

  14. You picked a great color for a very special day. Beautiful family!

  15. Such a lovely celebration! I love the beautiful decorations you did especially the fabulous balloons that spelled out her name. So many wonderful details to get inspired by. You did a marvelous job, Vel.

  16. I love the colours you chose for the party. Elegant and not too girly. You look like a really beautiful family on the pictures: it was nice to see all those smiles!

  17. Beautiful decorations for a beautiful baby!


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