Sunday, August 23, 2015

Boys Bathroom Re-Do on a Budget REVEAL

When I shared with you the Boys Bathroom HERE, a couple of weeks ago,
We actually started to fix it up then.

What I shared on IG

It wasn't really a difficult fix since all it needed was a simple design element on the long wall and some cosmetic spruce up.

I had the boys help with the painting since this was gonna be theirs to use anyway!

I did not want to change the vanity, since it was still functional, and the huge mirror, which I love. Both fit with the clean lines I was going for in that space. It did however, have non-functional soap dispensers, and everything inside was a huge mess. And I also needed to update the decor since I also now have a teen in my midst, I had to change and get rid of the cutesy IKEA wall art in there. 

So, here it is now...

We first had the whole room and ceiling refreshed with POLAR BEAR White paint from BEHR, After that I taped off the stripes. And then the boys helped with the painting.

Got my Bamboo hamper from West Elm years ago

Would you believe I've had the paint for 5 years? Yes, that's how long I procrastinated about this room (told you it was embarasssing!)! Kudos to BEHR since the paint held up pretty well (a gallon cost only $25 then, compared to the $35 now), I just went to my local Home Depot to get the can shaken and stirred again to make sure the color was gonna be ok.

I chose this color since I wanted it to go well with the oak-tone in the vanity.

I had to add some GOLD element into the space right?!

All the bathroom fixtures have been brought out from their boxes after we bought them 5 years ago  (I know you must be cringing right?! I know I am!)! It's bamboo and steel,  brand is called FORMBU and we got those from MENARDS ( no longer available for sure).

Towels are from Nate Berkus for Target

I also painted the door & window trim SILVER (also from Behr), left over from Sophia's nursery project, so this was basically FREE. ;-)

I added this Bathroom Decal I got from TARGET on the wall. Initially I had planned on putting it in the middle of the mirror but it didn't look well, I think, it looks better here.

We also lowered the pendants
I covered the switch plates with contact paper

The Tub area was still in great condition, and I love the brass and acrylic fixtures in and out of it.

The 90's does have it's moments. :-)

The picture above the toilet was a Thrift store score years ago (from Chicago days), I think it adds a cute humor in that bare wall. I also added this simple Chrome Glass shelf from LOWE'S.

Got the cute Garbage can from TJ Maxx

All the other clutter on the counter top are now inside the drawers...

.. except for Sponge bob of course! ;-)

Overall, we were all very pleased with how this space turned out.
The clean-lines and uncluttered look make for a less chaotic morning and more calming for the boys too I think.

Of course, taking a picture of this room was a nightmare...

Yup, had to put it in here just to show you the weird poses I had to do for a shot!
And of course, I had to make you recall what this sad room looked like

I  have another bathroom project in the works, And I will share with you another sordid BEFORE on another post! 

Hew, at least one down!

Have a Great week!



  1. You're so creative, Vel. I love the stripes!

  2. Vel---this is just awesome! I love the stripes--I don't think I could tape a straight line. I think it's great that you hung on to that paint, too. If you didn't mention it, I was going to ask about those towels. I love how plush they are. I will look for them the next time I'm at target.

    Great job!!

    Jane x

  3. Hi Vel! Oh, I just love your boys bathroom! How nice too you let them help with the painting! They did a great job! It looks so fresh! I really like your hardware too! Now that is a good shout out for Behr paint! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Oh I love it, it looks so pretty and fresh. The stripes are a fabulous idea. I think your "free" makeover is totally amazing. Marty

  5. The bathroom looks amazing, but my favourite picture is the one of your boys painting, looking so serious!

  6. Another wonderful project. You are amazing! xxx Maria

  7. Five years OMG! LOL...Just kidding! Looks like this all came together as planned. I like the stripes. At least once you started the project it didn't take too long to finish. I'm sure your happy to get this checked off your list!

  8. I love your ideas! Great job ingenious woman!:-)

  9. The stripes are so perfect Vel!! Don't you hate it when you put something off for so long, I''m so guilty of that!

  10. great makeover. very different and appealing.

  11. I love the trim and those towels are beautiful! Love the texture on them! The stripes go so well with the vanity too. Good job, Mama!

  12. Looks perfect, Vel - love the stripes and then bear picture can cracks me up! It may have taken awhile, but it was definitely worth the wait. Jane

  13. The stripes are a great accent. Such pretty towels too and accessories to make this space inviting and comfortable.

  14. Love love Love the stripes! Oh, and the decal. Well, the total makeover is beautiful! I cannot believe you waited all that time! :)

  15. Awesome makeover Vel! Love the stripes.

  16. oh my Vel, that teddy bear art is too die for!!! The bathroom looks gorgeous and I will have to keep my eyes open for those gorgeous towels!!! XOXOXO

  17. Thanks, sweetie, for popping in to see Babbette!
    Shelia ;)

  18. Wow, it turned out great, Vel! The stripes are fun and the towel bars, hooks, etc. seem just perfect. Very smart to get the boys involved in the painting. Great job, everyone!

  19. It looks amazing, Vel!! Love the stripes and decals, but I think my favorite part is seeing your adorable sons painting…so cute!!

  20. I love the make over! I love everything...

  21. It looks great! I love the bath towels too, they look like sweaters! I totally get you, I have so much that I want to do around here, and with work and sports, it is hard to find the time to get started on something.

  22. Love the newly decorated bathroom. The horizontal stripes are really neat. Horizontal must be the thing now as I noticed you are looking at horizontal fencing too. Have a lovely weekend, Vel.

  23. What a fabulous job Vel and how fun to see the boys helping! Love the stripes!

  24. The stripes and decals are fabulous! You did a great job, Vel!


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