Monday, January 18, 2016

Dear TARGET, Please stop!


Please, pretty please, STOP - stop making all these fabulous items for my home. I am trying hard to save and not spend too much on my home, but YOU are making it way to hard!

Wicker Round Mirror ($49),  Linear Weave Lounge Chair ($99)Casted Metal Steer Skull ($39)
Porcelain Rhino Trophy head ($29)
I can't even find any place in my home to put any of these stuff, and yet I WANT THEM ALL!
Threshold Solid Pillow with tassles - $24.99
This pillow is calling my name and it has a perfect spot in my daughter's nursery, or in the living room, or even in my bedroom!

Threshold Metal Big Horn Sheep Bookends - $24.99
I am a self-confessed "Brass Addict" and these bookends are not helping me from my "withdrawal"...

Threshold Long Haired gray pillow - $29.99
I could always use a good comfy, hairy pillow, especially on this cold wintery day....

Nate Berkus Gold table with marble top -$99
My toddler is into everything in our home and I had to put away my side table for a while, but now you give me this lovely table to oggle at?! Shame on you!
RE Acrylic table Lamp Gold - $31.50
I have lamps in every nook and cranny of my home, I do not need another beautiful lamp????!
Threshold Hand-hooked Kitchen rug $13.50
My kitchen floors already have a set of good rugs, but these ones just make me want to replace them even when I don't need to!

Franklin Marble Table Lamp - $81
And yes, I have another weakness, for marble, and this lamp is also making my heart palpitate again and again...

Industrial Collection
You've done so much "damage" to me, and now to RH too? I love RH and now you just made these fabulous pieces that rival their ultra expensive ones? WHY?!

And lastly, you have totally sealed the deal with this recent collaboration, I think I need a new house to house everything in this fabulous collab!

Oh Target, please, STOP, you really make it so hard for people like me to NOT BUY, but THANK YOU too, for making it easier for me to decorate and zhush up my home in a more affordable and possibly, reasonable way.



Have a Great Week Peeps!

 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. Tell me about it!!! Lol! Their furniture line is really looking good lately! Oh, and that pillow is amazing! It's a dangerous place to shop with all their offerings. :)

  2. Vel you're funny! Of course the marketing team knows they hook us all with their affordable chic design.

  3. :-) I fully understand your problem:-)I love the lamp, rug & tables! Are amazing!:-)

  4. I so agree! Love the animal heads and the marble table lamp is amazing!! Happy Tuesday!

  5. Oh my, why did they ever start building Target Super-Stores.....they were way too dangerous before. My downfall is the line of Smith & Hawkins. I love that stuff!

    Okay, Vel, confess....what did you buy?

    Warm hugs,

  6. You made me laugh, Vel! I feel the same way about Target. It's trouble with a capital T! LOL!

  7. Ha ha! You're so funny! These are some lovely things and I'm sure you'll restrain your tiny little self! :) Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I hear you loud and clear, Vel. Sneaky Target...always getting me to spend on their pretties when I really just needed goldfish crackers and toilet paper! ;)

  9. I find something I want to bring home every.single.time I go in there. It's a dangerous place that's for sure. ;)

  10. I LOVE everything and I have been trying my hardest to avoid Target because I know what will happen! Let's see how long I can restrain myself-lol! Happy week to you!

  11. I feel your pain!! I was just there today needing to spend like 40 and ended up spending a lot more!! Everything was beautiful I started thinking ahead to hostess gifts and other presents I needed to give so I at least could get those beautiful things for someone...since I didn't really need anything myself! Everything is so good right now!

  12. I can't even GO to Target any more because I come home with a full cart and more things to find room for! Hope all is well in your world...stay warm!!!! xoxo

  13. I know right? Every time I go to Target, I always see something I love! It's so hard to resist because many of their home decor offerings are so beautiful, so chic and so affordable. I hope I have the place for them! I saw that gorgeous mirror in Target last week and I love it too! :)

  14. I totally agree! I love their lighting and new rattan chair and ottoman- they have upped their game totally!! Take care. Xo Nancy

  15. I know what you mean pretty girl! I already did some shopping for my house and I just slapped my hands to restrain myself for a very, very good while!
    I love that small white marble lamp. Lots of great things here, though.

  16. Ooooh! I forgot... the rug is great, lol..


  17. I love, love Target..I can never get out of there with just what I went in to get... lol


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