Friday, June 1, 2012

Awesome find - stool/Side table

Hello everyone!

I found another bargain! It's featured in COPYCATCHIC.COM!

You can get the more expensive kind like this...

Bornova Side table from Ballards Designs for $219

Or get the cheaper version...

Tribal Wood Carved table from World Market for $149

Have a Great Weekend!!!!


  1. I've been eyeing that table at world market!

    1. really? I've been on a hunt for a side table for my living room - I currently have 2 white LACK side tables! They are nice (and very cheap no less), however, I need something more substantial and at about 24 inches high. If you spy any white nice side table Charmaine, let me know! Thanks! :-)

    2. Ok, ill keep an eye for one. But you can spray paint that world market table too.

      As a bargain shopper like me, I think you'll enjoy Lara Spencer's book. I can mail it to you if you want.

    3. Thanks dear! kahiya naman, its ok, I'll get it. This table is beautiful, but too short and I would feel bad spray-painting it, I love the woodsy feel of this one. :-) Basta if you see anything, let me know. I've seen a lot of nice ones, kaso either way out of budget or wrong size. :-)


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