Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good-bye Orange Powder room!

Hello Everyone!

I have been busy with work, baseball games, camp etc lately, and I haven't really spent that much time tweaking our home.

Yesterday, I just had to give our abode a little TLC, and so I finally had the energy and guts to tackle our VERY ORANGE POWDER ROOM!

See what I mean?!!!
This space actually gives me a headache! And I can't imagine what my guests and friends may be thinking?!!! LOL!

Glamorous? - NOT! This lighting has got to go!

Just too much Citrus!

I know what people say about powder rooms - it's a chance to do something bold, go dark, do pattern, etc. After all, it is a very small space, so anyone can do "bold" things in there!

Just take a look at these marvelous Powder rooms...

Love, love the boldness of the Trellis pattern!

Love the rustic appeal and the mactan stones!

An Oh-so-Oooh-la-la Powder room!

Elegant and sophisticated

Glam, glam, glam!

So with all these gorgeous space as an inspiration I forged ahead changing what I can first in this space - The WALLS....

Spanish Tile Pattern Wall Paper from Allen & Roth at Lowes!

I told you, I literally forged ahead!

Doing the corners now

Tired but proud

Finishing up
The wallpaper was pre-pasted, so all I had to do was soak, hang and viola!

Ha! I wish it were really that easy! Hanging the wall paper up by your lonesome (hubby was putting up kiddos new ceiling fans upstairs, so I couldn't bother him) was no easy task, but once you attach the wall paper up on the wall, it does not dry very fast, so you have time to adjust the sides and smooth things out.

I placed the first paper smack in the middle since this is the first wall you see as you enter, I wanted the pattern to look centered. So using my level, I drew a line and followed that with my first panel. I measured my wall length of course and added 2 inches excess so I knew my wall would be entirely covered.

As for cutting - TIP: HAVE A VERY SHARP CUTTER! The paper is soggy so if your cutter is not as sharp, you'll have ugly corrugated edges. I let it dry first too before cutting, removal of the excess is a breeze anyway.

And one last tip: ALIGN, ALIGN, ALIGN!

I also painted the other walls. I used our left-over Behr RHINO paint from our Master Bedroom re-do.

And here she is now, all bare-boned no frills or decor yet!


No more headaches!

Updated light fixture

We are all so pleased with the result of this latest project. And I can't believe I did it all in 1 day!!!! Total cost of the project is $122 ( $20.98 x 3 for the wall paper + $59 for new light fixture + FREE paint and supplies) !!!!!

Hope you all have a great week! I can't wait to start decorating this space!


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