Monday, August 27, 2012

Laundry Update

I know, I know, Laundry room again?! I guess I am a bit fixated on getting at least one room in the house DONE and OVER WITH! ;-)

Like most of you, I spend a lot of time here - hence, I have a speaker and Ipad stand to watch my movies and shows while I'm doing this humdrum chore.

So, last weekend, I did some sprucing up again in this space (No, I am not done, almost there, but not yet). Here is what I did - first, I added more art....

Framed Vintage Adds for less $1 each!

Isn't this what you would like to feel when doing your laundry?! Happy, carefree like
Maria in "Sound of Music"! ;-)

We also got a plumber to add us a utility sink. And to make the sink "more pleasing to the eye" I decorated it a bit...

Added a towel bar/drying rack atop from Walmart - $15
Laundry Canvas Art on clearance from Kohls at $8

Also coordinated these these using Chalkboard spray paint!

Over on the other side, we added a spot for our beloved "Inday" - our MINT! You know how much I love (and need) this gadget, so I had hubby help build a shelf for her and all her stuff!

No more looking for stuff all over the house - i hope!
I also update my storage organization... The labels for the basket is a D-I-Y project which I'll share with you guys later on

All nice and neatly organized stuff

Trying to switch to earth-friendly cleaners and laundry stuff with Mrs. Meyers
The cute vintage ruler crate is from the the local "Walker's Bluff General Store"

Baskets are from Target - on sale for $6.99
Challkboard labels were made by yours truly

Fishies stuff on the left and other non-categorizable stuff on the right

I do want to get rid of  some of these bottles and cleaners someday

 The 2 decorative cans were Iced tea containers and I modge-podged them using old gift wrap - been with me for 4 years now!

Rusty Iron got a doorstop from antique store - $5

I still have to paint the cabinets here as well as the ironing board cover, add a decorative valence on the window, and I think, after that, I would consider this room DONE!

Have a Great day!

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  1. I am such a fan of Mrs. Meyer's too. I hoarded when I moved back. Haha. I think I have a 5-year supply in my cleaning closet. My all-time favorite is Lemon Verbena. It smells super clean and fresh!

    I love what you've done with your labeling. I can't wait for your tutorial.

    By the way, how do you like your Mint? What is its voltage? I'm thinking kasi of getting either that one or a Roomba. :) I would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Hahaha! Me too! i love Method as well and Caldrea! Is there Mrs. Meyers in Pinas now? Hope so.

      As for the Mint, I wrote a review here...
      let me know if you still have further questions. We love our little INDAY and can't imagine without it. The GPS helps a lot, better than roomba which just bounces off the walls and stuff, this one cleans methodically. :-)

    2. No Method, no Caldrea (btw, I saw it on sale at Marshalls when I was there last June), no Mrs. Meyers. Sucks right?

      I'll read your review; thanks for the link, Vel!

    3. not even in ATC or Alabang Town Center? Hmmm, maybe you should try to bring some of that stuff there to sell?! I'm sure a lot of expats and tree huggers would love those natural products.

      BTW, mint is really just for solid floors, we have a different robot for our carpet, not Roomba, also has a GPS so no cleaning the same area twice.

  2. You are so organized! Love the vintage ads and the antique iron as door stopper. Pretty clever! Great job, Vel!

    1. Thank you Charmaine - I try to be organized as much as I can, but it's quite a task, I'm sure you know, hope this will help. Yeah, i fell inlove with those ads talaga, hope to get more. :-)

  3. Now that is impressive. I really like the towel rack and target baskets. I try hard to make my laundry room a nice place to stand in, too.

    1. Thank you Linda, as moms and wives, we all have to sort of try to "enjoy" that space and chore! :-) Have a nice day!

  4. Cute vintage feel - love the iron doorstop and that ruler crate!

  5. Hi, Love this!

    Especially the target baskets? Do you remember what the brand is? Or what section in target did you find them? Thanks!!


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