Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Beautiful Bellagio

On our last California vacation, we also dropped byViva Las Vegas.

My hubby had a conference there, and since we've never been there, all 3 of us tagged along to see the sights and sounds of the City of Lights.

Luckily too, the conference was held at the BELLAGIO, and so we stayed there. The design aesthetic is just like the city it sits on-  Grand, colorful, bright, bold, and expensive. Just take a look...

Famous Flori di Como Glass Chandelier at the lobby - I could stare at this forever!
It is just captivating - 2,000 glass blossoms!

We stayed in a Resort Deluxe Queen Bedroom -  at 510 sq. ft, this is big for a hotel room, gorgeous, very convenient and comfy.

My son wanted to jump on the beds but I stopped him, hence "the look"! :-)

The illuminated and recessed dresser and wardrobe with 40 " TV

Sitting area
Inside the bath, here is what you'll see...

Spacious Italian marble tub

Enclosed shower

My kids fave - the snack bar!

The art works in the room are supposed to be custom Macro Photographs by Damon Clark. According to his website...

" Damon Clarke is a macro photographer and designer and has been an associate of the highly respected Ontario College of Art since 1996. His work is on display in private and corporate collections throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. Damon uses macrophotography to bring the beauty and intricate details of nature indoors.

Inspired from a young age by his grandmother, a well known Canadian portraitist, Damon strives to capture the beauty, emotion and personality of his miniature subjects. As Damon reveals "I tend to anthropomorphize everything. In my world bugs pose for portraits and every flower displays it's own personality. I try to capture poignancy and gesture in my subjects. I want to connect people to the small world that is all around us and remind them of the smaller beauty that is so often missed. I try to bring happiness, awe or quiet contemplation into peoples homes." In his work, form, depth, colour and light interplay to create striking imagery of classical composition. Each piece is hand printed using modern and traditional museum grade materials and techniques. "

From our room you can see this....

Love the pools and this gorgeous view

Other things I found beautiful  there are...

Noodles from all over the world in a restaurant aptly named, NOODLES!

Ooh-la-la chocolate fountain

Chocolate gown anyone?! Hmmm, I bet your other half would like to eat this one away! :-)

This tells you about that giant chocolate fountain

Gorgeous Murano Chandelier all around

Summer Conservatory

Cutest frog

A true living work of art!

I was fortunate enough to wake up early one morning and see how they replace each and every flower pot in this garden! Yes, they don't water them there, they replace them with new ones while the old ones get watered somewhere!

Floor Elevator lobby

Sculptures galore by Richard MacDonald

"Jasmine" Chinese Restaurant with a classic design

And of course, no trip to the Bellagio, or Vegas for that matter, would be complete without mentioning the FOUNTAINS OF BELLAGIO...

Water dancing to the tune of "Viva Las Vegas" by Elvis Presley

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Dancing to the tune of "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson

Hope you liked my personal tour of the Bellagio!

Have a Nice day!


  1. I love Bellagio. I love the glass sculptures on the ceiling too. They're made by local WA artist Dale Chihuly. :) If you visit Seattle/Tacoma area, find time to go to Space Needle -- the garden beside it is full of his glass work -- and the Museum of Glass in Tacoma.

    1. I will mommy G! Hope I could go there someday. :-)

  2. Fun times! Love the Chihuly ceiling. Ive never been to Vegas, it looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for the post. Damon Clarke's macro photography can be found at: !


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