Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wall Collage

One thing I am not very good at is coming up with a wall collage - I mean take a look at these great examples...

From Young House love

By Elizabeth from Little Black door

From Nancy & Bethany of Powell Brower home

See what I mean? I know that the common thread with these wall collages,  is that they all hold Sentimental photos and things from the owners of the home and they also showcase works of art that they love!  This I think is the key to making a beautiful and lasting type of art! Easier thought of than done. :-(

Anyway, this is my meager attempt to doing our own wall collage at home. Remember this part of our basement?


I wanted some art flanking the mirror and here's what I came up with...

It's a start.. :-)

I spray painted all these ( used-to-be-black & brown) frames gold/ bronze, except the white ones from RE by Target.

From upper left - clockwise: Remember my Travel Art Post? Well, here is one of those art.

The carved geometric wood pattern was originally turquoise from Hobby Lobby, spray painted it to this matte gold ($7.50).

The framed leaf is in a dollar store frame, the leaf itself was from a tree from the WHITE HOUSE - a travel souvenir!

Beside it is  a framed cable car postcard/. The 2 geometric prints came in a set from - don't know yet what to put in them so I just placed these decorative paper for now.

I also just framed a Monet-inspired scrapbook paper just because.. :-)

Right side
From upper Left Clock-wise: Again a framed Monet inspired scrap book paper, geometric prints, my cutee-pie son and another travel art.

I think this wall improved a lot - and I  you see I'm going for a travel-themed collage - we'll see. It's a work in progress and like everything else, something that will constantly be changing.

Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. I love that you spray painted them. It looks fresh and "happy"
    I have collages on the floor haha (kasi I don't know how to hang them hehe)
    happy weekend!

  2. Spray paints can do wonderful things! :)


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