Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Wedding to Remember

At the end of October, my family and I attended my cousin's wedding in Dallas, Texas.

Our family

My cousin Eleanor was already married to her husband Dunstan but they wanted the full enchalada of a wedding - done in a Catholic church,  complete with all the frills and thrills that first-timers go thru.

My cousin Eleanor and hubby Dunstan with kids Shannah and Ricoh

We were all excited to go and be with family again. Being immigrants in the U.S., relatives are not easy to come by, and we are blessed to be related to such wonderful people and know that WE are part of their lives as much as THEY are part of ours.

I did not know how much the entire clan was involved in the decorating of this momentous event. Ican't believe that creativity is alive and well in the family and I was lucky enough to help and see how my other cousin,  ATE MJ did her magic on the wedding reception decorations and planning..

The BRAINS of it all -
Ate MJ

Flowers on the cocktail table

With the direction of Ate MJ, I placed BEANS around the wet foam and just stuck the roses on them!

Simple Guest seating/guest book table

Don't you just love Sunflowers!
 Floral Table Centerpiece - all made by hand on the morning of the wedding by Ate MJ!
This is what the whole thing looks like...

In yellow..
in orange...

And with fishies inside!

See them now?!

The motif was yellow and orange or as I call it, "Citrusy Fall". These centerpieces were assembled using glass on the bottom and top, a tall vase in between and LED lights inside the vase with either colored-gel fillers or water and rocks. Take note too of the crystals hanging on the ends! Thesem out all together, looked simply stunning!

The boxes you see surrounding the centerpiece are the wedding souvenirs...

Simple Champagne glass to remember the day

Overall, the reception area looked like this...

Told ya' it's gorgeous

All the chairs and tables too had these yellow and orange fabric added by the family.

Something to welcome the wedding entourage to the dance floor

Cake Table - again flowers arranged by Ate MJ

Beautiful and yummy cake

But more important than these amazing decorations, was how fun-filled and festive the whole evening was for everyone! I think it really runs in our genes, our family REALLY knows HOW TO PART-E-Y!

First Dance of the Bride and Groom ending up in the " OPPA Gundam Style" dance number!!!

Not your typical "Father and Bride Dance" - they were dancing to the tune of "THRILLER"
by Michael Jackson!!! Steps, moves and all! My Uncle Rudy is in his 80's already!

It was truly a wedding to remember, not only for Eleanor and Dunstan, but for everyone who attended.

This was probably the BEST wedding I've ever been to (Ok, I'm a little biased :-))!

From start to finish, you feel the love and togetherness of the whole family - even when things were not going right (missing foam for the flowers  at 12 midnight.. wink* wink*).
 And that, I think, is what makes it unforgettable and worth all the time, money and effort in the end.

Congratulations again Eleanor and Dunstan!!!!

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