Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When things are just not meant to be...

You know how it is when things just don't work out for you one after another? Sort of like the Bermuda Triangle instersecting? Well, I had such an experience recently, and with my decorating  issues no less!


Remeber this pic? This is my Fall Living room.

I actually ordered a BLACK VERSION of this rug from RUGSUSA.COM. I was hoping this rug would work since it was beautiful, see..


But in the end, I had to return it because after all it was the wrong color and it really did not work-out for me. So, RUGSUSA then sent me a replacement, of course, without any charge. But again, THEY SENT ME THE WRONG RUG - Same white color!! This time, though returning was harder I had to take several pictures to prove to them I wasn't lying that they sent me the WRONG ONE AGAIN! And now, after a month already, I still have not recieved my refund!!!! AAAAAGGGHhh! (Disclosure - I have recieved my refund finallyy Yesterday November 7).


Remeber, I was looking for a rug for our library?

Utility rug not working at all - all the dirt become attached to it
No amount of vacuming or sweeping can make it come off!

I was leaning more on getting the Dash and Albert rug in sprout color, but I had to see what the color looked like first since adding green to this space would either make or break this space all together. So I ordered the smallest size from RUGSTUDIO.COM

It arrived on time, But, the color was really not working for me and did not look like the one online.

More of AVOCADO color than lime green -not
great for our space

So, I had to return it. You know how long it took me to get a Return Authorization number? Almost 1 month!!!!! This is not for lack of trying, I called them almost weekly, a lot of excuses like manager not there, it was noted but we're still waiting. UUUGGGGHhh! But even with this picture I sent, they didn't even give me a free return shipping?! I paid $11++ to send this back to them. Only good thing was, I got my refund right away.


On our trip to Dallas recently, the ONLY place I wanted to go to was WISTERIA. I am a huge fan of this online store so I was really excited to finally see their brick and mortar store!

We arrived in Dallas Friday, tired from the drive (10 hours),   we chilled out and helped prepare my cousin for her wedding the following day. Saturday, we had the wedding, wonderful and fun. Come Sunday, I was so giddy, because after seeing some of the sites with our kids we would finally be heading off to WISTERIA!

And so....

So excited, I was taking pictures of the entrance already..

AAAAAAGGGGhhhhhhh! Finding out about my stupidity the hard way! LOL!

Stupid me!!!! I did not check if they were open on SUNDAYS!

I felt weak on my knees, knowing Monday, we had to go drive back home already early in the morning. I was so sad initially, but hey, there was no one to blame BUT ME! Good thing the day did not end so badly since we spent more time with family at "Amazing Jake's" for my son's birthday!


Remeber how excited I was when ZARA HOME came out?

I fell in love with this..

Wooster Table
I ordered one right away. Got it on time, and then this....

It arrived broken... WAAAAHH!

It's still gorgeous see?

I was "heart-broken" because I was soo excited. Luckily, this was a happy ending for me.
 Return was a breeze and they sent me a replacement really FAST! Here it is now...

Light and airy side table

I guess we all go thru something like this once in a while. It was just one after another for me that got me blogging about it.

I still feel VERY LUCKY inspite of and despite of, since I AM LUCKY ENOUGH to be ABLE to order and buy things relatively Freely and easily.  How about you? Any mishaps with any online orders or shopping trips recently? I guess it happens to all of us, I just hope it doesn't happen too often!

Hope your week will be great!


  1. Aww Vel, that sucks! Sometimes shopping online is so convenient and sometimes its just a pain..But on the bright side, your new table looks amazing! And I have to say the original rug you chose is soooo beautiful, i LOVE it! I hope they send you the right one soon.

  2. I love your blog. You have a New follówer from chile

    1. Thank you Decora! Do you have a blog too? I tried finding it but couldn't, added you to my Circle though.:-)

  3. New follower here!

    Really like the Zara Home table! Sorry about all the trouble with rugs!!

    1. Thanks for following along Krystin- just discovered your blog and I started following too. ;-)

  4. Some days it feels like it is time to go back to bed. Good things come to those who wait....or keep trying.


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