Tuesday, March 26, 2013

To paint or not to paint

I found this couple while lurking at my local Goodwill store...

Hello Mrs. & Mr. Chin - that's what I named them :-)
For $3 a piece, it was a steal. 
They are colored bright orange and when all cleaned-up, I placed them on top of our piano with my "$1.95 Van Gogh original" (also from Goodwill)...

Nice view and nice sounds too right Mr. & Mrs. Chin?

And the big question for me is, should I paint them or not? If I do, what color do you suggest?



  1. Vel ~ I love them just as they are, the orange is so pretty against the blue!

  2. They look nice as they are, especially right there in front of your Van Gogh! But I love paint transformations :) I would begin with white and who knows how many more colors! :D


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