Thursday, March 14, 2013

Which tile would you choose?

I have a huge project in the works in my home.
Nothing "concrete" yet, but hopefully it pushes thru this summer.

I am looking at tiles right now.
Particularly, one that would match or look good even with the granite underneath...

 1) Wooden Beige Brick

2) White Carrera Brick

 3) Oyster White 1 x 1

4) South sea pearl Mini  &
5) Mini Brick White Pearls

6) Brushstroke Crema Marfil

7) Illusion 3d Brick Asian

8) Illusion Brick Wood Onyx

9) Twine Woodland Blend

10) Cracked Joint Americana Free form

Which one would you pick?

I'll let you know what the project is once everything is finalized!

Have a Wonderful Day!


  1. tough choice! I'm totally biased to the white carrera, but the twine woodland and the south sea pearl seem to tie in well with the yellow granite.

  2. All of them are beautiful,, but for me the 2nd to last will be good..

  3. Oh Vel, I'm also a white carrera lover! that's what I used in my kitchen and I still like it a lot! My second choice and I think it goes nicely with the counters is No. 1 the wooden beige brick.

  4. HI VEl! How exciting. I don't like tile that is too busy with the speckled granite, and I favor bright white, but I do like the wood grain. Here are my choices:
    #1,#7, #8. It's hard for me to definitely pin point it without seeing your cabinet color, wall color, other tile in there such as flooring? send me some photos if you want more input :) good luck sweetie!
    xo Nancy

  5. My pic is for sure #2, the white carrera, I think it will look great with the yellow tones in your granite. Plus I feel like its timeless and you won't tire of it down the road.

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