Sunday, April 7, 2013

Functional still but must go

Our home came with a typical vanity lighting...

Hollywood Glam in my bath...

... is not for me

They work fine and are pretty bright. My hubby actually likes these because he feels warmer in the bathroom when all these lights are open.  I have a totally different opinion about these lights. ;-)

And so,  two Saturdays ago, we replaced them with these...


Santa Monica Lighting we grabbed from Menards

Have you replaced anything in your home that is still functional but not pleasing on the eye?

Now I just have to figure out where I can donate the old fixtures, let me know if you know of any place that takes these!

Have a bright and beautiful day!

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  1. Love the change! I bought a sofa and chair many years ago (pre kids) and after one month of hating the fabric I chose, I had them reupholstered!

  2. I changed one of those same fixtures in my kids bath, but in my bath I still have that same one! The whole bathroom is a soon to be tackled project.
    The one I was really happy to get rid off was the fluorescent fixture in my kitchen, so ugly!

  3. LOL! I actually have these also in our master bath in our MS home. I can't remember what I have here in FL, will have to check. I like what you replaced them with.....Christine

  4. I like the new ones you put in better too. :) If you have Salvation Army or Goodwill near you, I think they'll take it.

    1. Thanks Mommy G! I just called our local Goodwill and they do! Will bring it over this weekend! :-)

  5. So pretty and lovely!! We used to have those old orb lights, too - never my favorite. Luckily in our new rental the landlords added some gorgeous light fixtures similar to yours.

  6. Love your new light, it is perfect. I am with you, I couldn't wait to get rid of those "hollywood" lights when we moved in too. Hugs, Marty

  7. It made such a difference - I'm definitely guilty of changing things that are functional but not pretty!


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