Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Giftables to Go

 Have you been to TARGET lately?
I haven't, and I was pleasantly suprised with this new small section they have .


The stuff are not dirt cheap, but are pretty cute and some are  reasonably priced.
It reminds me of a store back home called GIFT GATE
 (the kid and tweetums version of the new Target section)

I frequented this store  A LOT when I was younger.
I love Sanrio products, trolls, swatch and anything cute for that matter. And I think, I never really outgrew that.
My collecting bug only evolved into another form - mainly collecting cuter things for my home!

Do you have a favorite store you frequented as a child or teen?
Do you buy things just because they're cute even if you don't need them?
By the way, I have been busy tweaking my itty-bitty craft room and I can't wait to show it to you soon!
Have a lovely day!


  1. who doesn't love gift gate.. omg it brings memories. later on when i had stores in virra mall and greenhills, i still frequented the place like a kid haha. I collected all sorts of hello kitty stuff and ziggy and sanrio and my melody haha... from headbands to belts to telephones , omg ubos ang allowance ko sa stuff na nandun!


  2. Gift Gate shops are becoming less and less visible here. But it's still the place to go for original Sanrio items. :) I used to be a huge fan of Hello Kitty items, even my staples were Hello Kitty. Haha!

  3. I have not seen that at Target but I will have to check it out. I've never been to Gift Gate but there was a store like that in the mall when I was a kid and I loved the Hello Kitty stuff!

  4. When I was young, I used to love to go to a grocery store called Cherry. It was close to our house in Mandaluyong and they sold so many different stuff. We,used to go to Sanrio stores too when the kids were small but that's in US already. I love Target but we do not have one where we live in Natchez but luckily, there are some here in Fl.....Christine

  5. yes i remember gift gate!! just stumbled upon your blog and i love your posts and knowing you're a fellow kababayan! xoxo

  6. We are getting Target in Canada this spring, opening soon only an hour from me. I am super excited to check it out!

  7. I used to go to Gift Gate when I was young. I liked their stationery even if it wasn't recycled! :^)
    Patsy from

    1. Hi Patsy! So love Papemelroti's stationary and almost everything in there!! I was a huge fan when I was back home!


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