Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Holiday Wish List

I'm done with my shopping!

The kiddos didn't really ask for anything big or hard to get, like one time my older son wanted a Saber tooth tiger skull?!!!! Everything was easy for the boys, including my hubs.
I knew what I wanted and what he needed. Something that will help him relax... I'll share it with you once we have it and let you know if it's worth it.

Anyway I too, have my own holiday wish list...

Coro Glassware from Serena & Lily $58
Would love to have a couple of these Threshold Candle Houses from Target - $14.99

New Holiday Dinnerware set from TARGET - $51
Gingerbread Mansion from Kohls

Onyx Flatware setting from West Elm - $39
Glass Globes in Jade from Serena & Lily $58

Black Chanel Small classic flap bag

Eliza J Scarf Print Dress

Tiffany Cobblestone Oval Pendant
Zac Posen Danes Perforated Bag

Tiffany 1837 Interlocking necklace

Tivoli GM

Any of these Lana "Hooked on hoops" Diamond earrings

Luckily for me,  I've got a hubs who pays attention to what I want, so I got one of these babies already for Christmas and I got one of these too that I bought for myself !!! 

After all, it's only once I year I truly 'gift' myself something special! Hooray!!!! 

Love you hon, thanks a bunch!!!!!

How about you, do you give a gift to yourself too during this holiday?

Have a Great day!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. Great choices Vel! I want to know more about those books. I tried to click on the link and it didn't take me to the books. You may want to check that. That is the second time I have noticed them on your blog and I am very curious!

  2. Try it again Nicki, I usually buy mine from Amazon since I'm a PRIME member. :-)

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  4. So sweet your decor idea and fabulous post. Feeling happy now......... Bedroom Decor ideas

  5. Lovely wish list Vel, you will look beautiful in those goodies. Every woman wants to feel special with something really stylish and personal. AND some bling! xo Nancy

  6. I've been eye balling that onyx flatware!

  7. Great wish list, Vel! I still have a ton of shopping to do so I may use some of your ideas!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  8. Love everything on your wish list. Hubby got me a desktop computer for the FL home cause my laptop was too slow for blogging. I am pretty much done shopping too cause I start early. I have to with a big family like ours....Christine

  9. That is nice "I want list" you got right there. I love the books, and the dishes from Target. It is nice to have a husband who really hears what you like and what you want - you are a lucky girl!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  10. You have a great wish list here, Vel. I particularly love the glasses and the candle houses and that dress is gorgeous!

  11. Oooh what a lovely wish list! I think I'm gonna have to add a few of those to my own wish list too! I want that candle houses and that Zac Posen bag.

  12. Maybe Santa is reading your blog and gets you the things that your hubby missed ;)

  13. You have the best taste. I have made some major hints...but I would really like to have some new dark wash jeans...and I have to buy THOSE myself :/

  14. It's all gorgeous~ especially that scarf dress! I haven't had a chance to make a list yet, Vel so maybe I'll just give him yours!

  15. I love those glass globes, they look amazing. I do gift myself things, since my cats only bring me mice (dead or alive). As for Christmas, I asked my parents a very romantic gift: a fridge or an oven!

  16. That dress has my name written all over it! Great roundup!

  17. Pretty impressive "wish list." We are pretty practical on the gifts and try to keep it to around twenty bucks for each of us if it's something frivolous. We might spend more on something that both of us can use or benefit from. We do food gifts or something handmade for our grown children, and then keep the grandchildren's gifts to something under $20. Gifts under our tree are pretty sparse -- had to add a bucket of pinecones just to fill in a little bit.....lol!


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