Thursday, December 19, 2013


While trying to write this post, I had a hard time finding pictures of homes with Nativity sets.

Perhaps it's because the Nativity set is not so 'chic' anymore in Christmas decor or perhaps, with all the other hoopla we place all over our homes we just don't have the time and energy to set-up one!;-)

I guess Christmas villages are more popular than this important reminder ( to me at least), of why we TRULY celebrate this holiday.

But, being the traditional soul that I am, I still feel the need to set up one as much as I feel the need to set-up our Christmas tree! 
I'm definitely an old soul when it comes to this  and very sentimental about it too.

Let me tell you why....


I remember growing up, my father (who by the way was the original decorator in our home), would build a small manger and set-up our huge Nativity set either outside or inside our home.

Then he would hang a huge star on one of our radio towers (yes, we had a radio tower back in the Philippines) and string lights going down towards the Nativity scene - it was magical! 
Whenever people ask where our house would be, I would just tell them to 'follow the star'!

And with that said, I set up our Christmas Nativity for our home this year...
The set is a gift from my mother two Christmas ago. 

Isn't it beautiful?
Not as elaborate and grand as the one my father sets up, but still I love it.
All the figures are dressed in gold and yellow and all the details, exquisite.

My Star, though not strung as high is still very Filipino - Capiz Parol /lantern

I really love looking at this set and whenever I tell the story to my sons about Christmas, it's nice to look at something in our home that goes along with this story.

I've also been on a hunt for a while now for a huge set for the outdoors.
Haven't seen one yet that fit my fancy (and budget), but I'm hoping someday, I'll find the right one and keep on re-living our old Manger way back in the Philippines...

I am still a bit homesick during the holidays, glad that I'll be enjoying the beach soon!

Have a Great Weekend Everyone !


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. Vel, such a beautiful nativity. And you are right, very few of them out there in blogland post. I have never found one that I have liked but I search every year. We do have a few around our home, but one of our extra precious ones is a one piece nativity that my then 8-yr old daughter fell in love with at Menards(a home improvement store) and used her $20 Christmas money to purchase. It lights up and when you push a button it tells the Christmas story, complete with music. It is cheesy and beautiful all at the same time. Maybe I really don't need to search for a "better" one after all! Have a fantastic day! Jane

  2. Your Nativity is stunning and I love the way you have it displayed. So lovely. I am with you,mine is so important to me and I love having it displayed. Hugs, Marty

  3. I love your Christmas Nativity that your mom gave to you. The photographs above are all lovely. You are right we don't see enough of these and this is what Christmas is really about. Merry Christmas!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  4. What a beautiful story and memory of your childhood. Your home looks amazing, and warm. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You are absolutely right, Vel, it is the reason for the season and yet we feature wreaths and trees prominently. Your set is lovely. I too have a set that my mom gave me and I treasure it. It is not nearly as elaborate and elegant, it is much more rustic, but I love it and to me, it represents Christmas. Maybe mine just needs a few lights for sparkle! ;)

  6. Hi Vel and what a wonderful post! I love Nativities and the celebration of Jesus' birth is what Christmas is all about! I have quite a few and set them up each year. I haven't shown mine yet. Yours is so pretty and I love the story of your daddy! Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. What a great post, Vel. I have never owned a nativity, but I need to get one!

  8. Oh your Nativity set is gorgeous! We have 3 very humble sets throughout our home. If anything I can only see myself adding MORE sets. :)

    I hope you are enjoying this holiday season .

  9. It is great that you did this post. I do put up a Nativity set every year but only inside. I bought a really good one a few years ago that was expensive but purchased at 50% off. We grew up with them, too. Yours looks amazing!

  10. What a lovely post, Vel! I love the "follow the star" story!! We have always set up a nativity in our home, and until reading this I had never noticed the fact that they are difficult to find in blogland and shelter mags, which makes me a bit sad now that I think about it...

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!!

    The Glam Pad

  11. I just love your nativity, Vel. We bought one for our grandson this year from Wisteria that is made of felt and is so precious. Love seeing all the different ones. Enjoy your weekend ~

  12. Beautiful Vel, your Nativity is the most lovely my friend; our mothers are such givers, aren't they? Your Nativity is so elegant and perfect in your house. I love your ' Follow the Star story ' I always had a Nativity scene in my home, a native one I will post next week for C'mas. Thank you for visiting me pretty girl.
    Merry C'mas to you and your lovely family.

  13. Love your nativity! Stella also has the Little People Nativity, because I wanted one she could play with. Sometimes the Disney Princesses show up, but at least she knows the story of Christ's birth!

  14. Vel, I love your nativity and I share your sentiments. My collection continues to grow and I love displaying them. I, too, looked for a large outdoor one for a commercial project I was doing. I found one that is about 40 inches tall but it was sold out for the year. It may be available for next year. I will let you know if I find out that it is. Merry Christmas!

  15. Your nativity is really lovely, Vel! I love the capiz star, too. I definitely understand being homesick during the holidays. I hope you get in lots of family time and relaxation. Take care!

  16. Very special indeed....and all the pictures are beautiful along with your story.
    ~Merry Christmas~

  17. Your nativity is gorgeous! I am very homesick also, :) Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy this special time of the year. Hugs, Maria

  18. I love your nativity. It's very different from the one my grandfather did in Southern France, but they are both inhabited by the same spirit.

  19. Your nativity is beautiful, Vel! Ours is small, old (45 years) and was very inexpensive but didn't seem inexpensive to us at the! It is very special to me and always gets placed with reverence in our home for Christmas.

  20. I too love displaying the Nativity, true meaning of Christmas. We had a beautiful handmade ceramic Nativity done by an artist that I used to set up in my living room. Sadly, we lost it last year in the hurricane. I think we are going to replace it with an outdoor Nativity one day.
    Your home looks so beautiful and I love your Nativity. Happy Holidays!

  21. Your nativity scene is beautiful and your holiday home decor is gorgeous, Vel. I spent an enjoyable evening tonight catching up on your blog. You've been such a busy lady! I hope you're enjoying a fun time with your lovely family for your birthday, Christmas and (next up) for New Years. Happy Holidays!


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