Sunday, February 2, 2014


Remember this Change ?

from this...

To this - my DIY Bar cart...

And now this
I've had this Threshold Bar cart for a while now in the kitchen. It was my Coffee bar for a while, but did the switch and placed it where it should be - as a Bar cart in the Dining Room!

I think it looks much better

And love that I can hang a towel on the handle too
Now, what about the DIY Bar cart I made?
Here it is now in the kitchen!

My Coffee corner

More storage for all my Coffee and Tea supplies

Now you know what my favorite Coffee is.. ;-)

Perfect for myCoffee Machine

Ready to serve!
 I'm very pleased with this switch. However I still have this dilemma I'll talk to you about next time….

In order to complete my Coffee Corner, there is the issue above.

Anyhow, what do you think? Do you switch around your furnitures too for different rooms in your home?

Have a Lovely day!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

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  1. Both carts are fabulous. I love them and the way you have them set up. Hugs, Marty

  2. Great hon, I love them both! The coffee cart is my fav as I adore coffee and I don't have space in the kitchen for doing one like yours. I do have a liquour cart though, actually it's Alejandro's, so it's full with spirits, lol Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. And you are all ready to entertain stylishly!!! Glad to have you back, Vel!! Are you going to watch the big game? Cheers, Loi

  4. Hey there, Vel. I have to say I am really liking the bar cart in your dining room. The mirrors above are the cherry on top! Jane

  5. Love your coffee corner in the kitchen! I've thought about buying that illy coffee before, but never have. You're convincing me to try it now. :) I think I have those same sunburst mirrors. I just bought them for my living room after I rearranged the furniture. Love your bar cart in the dining room!

  6. I love the switch! And have been obsessing over that bar cart for a while! I think you should put a framed saying that will start your day off on a positive note or a saying that makes you laugh/smile!

  7. Love that Threshold bar cart. I wish I had jumped on that. Target stuff flies out the door, doesn't it? Great job and I wish I could stop by for coffee! xo Nancy

  8. Love the switch! I have seen that cart and it is quite lovely in person. Your coffee | tea corner is perfect.

  9. I love your carts and it made sense to switch them! I love your "keep calm" sign on your coffee cart!

  10. The switch is wonderful, Vel! I really like both the bar cart & your coffee cart. I have no doubt that you will find the perfect "something" for the wall over your coffee cart!

  11. I love switching things around; your changes look great! I love both bar carts!

  12. Hi Miga,
    Just envious you have a spacious house. You can do a trick and switch. Ha hayst! D´Box is just so tiny that I can't even put my cart. Kaya, itsa-pwera sa basura.

    Sayang but...

    Btw, I love your wallpaper. Saan mo kaya yan nabili sa US? I have a dear friend in Florida, bka sakali mabilhan ako? LoL*

    TY for sharing your beautiful home. Hope you visit Stockholm, every now and then.

    Ingat and GB to all.

    /CC girl

  13. What a beautiful bar cart!!! It's amazing what a big difference a little change can be! And yes--when I *have* a home, I switch furniture around almost every day--often confusing for the pug and the husband. But somehow they manage...even without coffee--(gasp!). I, however, bleed coffee and could fill a room with coffee supplies (same goes with alcohol/bar supplies after 5pm). I found a funny retro wall hanging that reads "Coffee: You Can Sleep When You're Dead" and had it hanging over my coffee station in the kitchen--perhaps you could do something similar? Not very chic, but definitely funny first thing in the am! :)

  14. Glad to have you back in the blogging world - you were missed! I love that Target bar cart and have been eyeing it for weeks but don't have a great place for it. Your coffee bar is awesome - that is one serious coffee maker!

  15. The coffee cart will probably be used more than the bar cart. I like them both. Welcome back!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  16. It was the perfect switch. A coffee cart is perfect for your kitchen and love the Target cart in your dining room...great job!!

  17. The cart looks so elegant in the dining room. Yes, switching up is very refreshing. Maybe you could put a coffee print above the cart in the kitchen?

  18. Vel, I agree with the others about both carts looking great. This reminded me of the brass cart in my dining room, that needs some attention.

    Thanks, Helen

  19. Like your cart and so nice you are able to use it in so many ways! Can't wait to see what you come up with, I'm sure it will look GREAT!


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