Thursday, August 28, 2014

Finds, friends and fortune

I may be close to term, but that hasn't stopped me from shopping a bit whenever I can, so here I am about to share with you my latest treasures & good fortune!

Oleg Cassini Paperweights $3.99
I scored these from TJ MAXX. Aren't they pretty, I love blings and these elegant ones are perfect for the coffeetable. :-)

Vases $3.50 & 3.00
Again, another TJ MAXX find on clearance. They don't look like much but I bought them for a specific purpose and it's not gonna be for flowers.

Can you guess? Will share it on my next post for sure.

Tin Nautical Plates $3.50

These goes well with my Summer coastal Living room, another clearance find, but this time from CRACKER BARREL General Store. 

Geode $8

My friends and I recently took a nice trip across the Ohio River to Kentucky and visited a Mineral Museum, hence I scored the one above and the ones below from there. 

Missouri Quartz $6 & 8

This one has sentimental value to me. It was recently given by one of my close girlfriends who recently moved with her family to Texas :-(
She knew I love blue & White, so she gave me some of her treasured pieces and this was one of them. I think it's beautiful, but all the more special because of who it reminds me of. :-)

Lastly I want to share my fortune, or rather, brag about it ...

I won it over at Sandy's from "You may be Wandering", thank you so much my friend!!!!

Our family is a huge fan of DK books because of all the pictures and interesting ways they present facts, so these are perfect for our library and would be a great reference to these cities once we get to go! Now all I have to do is win me some tickets.... ;-)

Lastly, I am proud to say that I made it to Linda's "ORC Linking Participant Hall of fame"!!!!!

The post from Calling it Home
Truly, our nook would not have made it to THIS OLD HOUSE MAGAZINE, if not for the fun and much-awaited ONE ROOM CHALLENGE in Linda's Blog, Calling It home ( which by the way starts again October 2nd, mark your calendars)!!!
I am the one who is super thankful for this wonderful fortune of knowing Linda and her fab blog!

How about you any recent finds or good fortune lately?

Have A Great Labor Day Weekend!


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  1. Great finds! I'm curious to see what you are planning on doing with those bottles! Oh, and the face your youngest son is making in that one picture with the quartz made me laugh out loud! What a character!

  2. You found some great treasures and I love the sentimental blue and white one! Congrats on your win too! Have a safe and fun labor day weekend!

  3. Wow, you did find some great treasures. I love the Geodes and quartz.

  4. That's so exciting about you being in the magazine. Congratulations Vel for your first publication of many more to come. You found some fun things. I got sentimental when you said you traveled across the Ohip river. I did that all the time while growing up.

  5. Some fun finds! And the blue & white jar is beautiful, and what a nice way to remember a friend!

  6. Congrats on that feature, Vel. How exciting! I subscribe to that magazine but it is delivered in Natchez and since I have not been home, I have not seen it. Love all your new finds!....Christine

  7. Great finds! Thanks for sharing! I have been to two of those four cities, NY and London. London is one of my favorite places I have been.

  8. I remember what a great job you did with the room for the kids and the reading nook. Yes, you deserved been featured too. You were so lucky to win the books, wonderful things are coming your way with a baby girl, they're so different and I can see she will be very spoiled by her family!
    I love your finds and the cookie jar is awesome!
    Have a great Labor Day weekend, sweetie.

  9. Great shopping finds! I love those big "diamonds" and I can't wait to see what you do with the bottles! Also, congratulations on the feature at Calling it Home!

  10. That's so awesome your room got featured in a magazine!! Congrats Vel!! And I love all your recent shopping finds!

  11. Congrats on your feature - sooo exciting, and well deserved. You scored some very fun finds - I have an idea of what you might use those bottles for, but I don't want to spoil the surprise - if I'm right (or look silly if I'm wrong - ha ha!). Hope you are feeling well my friend! Have a wonderful Labor Day. Jane

  12. I want some of those big diamonds...I, too, love bling. :)

  13. Love the nautical plates and your friend's gift! Isn't it fun to get some good finds, but oh well, it's even funner when we win something! Lucky you!

  14. I have a ridiculous obsession with TJ Maxx. It's seriously not normal. They just have the best stuff!!

  15. Great finds! I love TJMaxx!!(too much:-)). Congrats on the giveaway win and huge congrats on the feature!! Awesome!!

  16. Thanks for the shout out, sweet Vel!! I am so happy you like your books and hope that as soon as Sophia is old enough to travel you can put them to good use! xoxo

  17. Congratulation on the feature, Vel! Fabulous finds! Love the jar and paperweights!



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