Sunday, October 19, 2014

Halloween Living Room 2014

Hello Friends!

It's been a long while since my last post. I think I sorta under-estimated baby watching and thought that I could do more stuff than just being with my baby. Believe me I had P-L-A-N-S with all my anticipated "free" time. But I guess, though I deal with kids and babies in the clinic, all day long, I never realized that just one child can really take up all your time!

I am in no way complaining, it's just that I remember mothering a baby a bit differently now nine years after. I'm so thankful and blessed to have my mom come and help me out so I can take afternoon naps in between breastfeeding and all other things baby.

Anyway, this weekend I had a some free time (thanks to my hubs and oldest son who took turns taking care of Sophia), so I decided to start decorating for Halloween, something ardently requested by my youngest son. So I did...

Our Staircase as posted on IG

I did not buy a single new item for Halloween this year yet. And the only thing I'm planning on getting new are the candies I'll be giving away. I just 'rotated' all our old stuff around the house.

Spider-filled stairway

Instead of the usual rats and mouse I had in the stairway the Previous years, I decided to put spiders here !

One more look
I also placed simple vignette above the piano with my Missoni vases and geodes.

Creepy crawly spiders on the piano too

Halloween Living Room

Coffee table Vignette

Moved 2 bat pillows that usually stay in the basement,  to the seats here
Side table goodies and ghouls
Simple Mantle with brass animal menagerie and some spider webs

Our Media center got Halloween-ized too

Ghosts up in the display cases too

My simple Asian-inspired console for Halloween only got spider web mats

Simple entry table with my son's pet ghosts greet everyone who enter
Added my old spider runners on the doors and used painters tape to attach them
Hopefully, I can share with you the Dining room soon.
It's not gonna be as detailed as my previous Halloween Dining rooms, but still, it will be Halloween ready when the day comes.

I'll try to do some back-reading too soon, miss all your posts already, especially the ORC!

Have a Wonderful Week!



  1. I'm even amazed you had a time to decorate your house for Halloween in such a beautiful way having to take care of baby Sophie dear Vel! I love, love every part and detail. I'm crazy about the entrance door with the spider runner...awesome!
    I'm so glad your mom is still with you to give you a hand with baby. Have a fun Halloween with the boys. I had a post with my G'girls and our little Spooky party
    Take it easy and have a lovely week.

  2. Looks real spooky
    and I love those creepy spiders
    in your stairs. Good job♥

  3. I think I need that "old bat" sign!! Love the spirit you bring in and just enjoy little Sophia!!

  4. Awsome decorating and it shows you enjoy it!!!! Congrats on the new baby!!!!!!

    Happy Halloween

  5. Oh my word, you went all out and everything looks amazing. How fun.

  6. You are just amazing, Vel!! I always love how festive you make your home for Halloween, it's perfect! Lucky kiddos! It's been fun seeing sweet Sophia on IG, too!

  7. You are the ultimate of holiday decorators! Can't believe you found the time to do all of this! Glad to hear that you're enjoying your time with little Sophia :)

  8. Oh Vel, when my son was born, five years after having my daughter, I didn't remember so many things about baby stuff, it was frustrating! After nine years it must be like going back to school! :)
    My son is also the one who keeps on asking for Halloween decor. I love how you bring it all around in a seemingly way! I love the look of the staircase with the spiders and the black mirrors on the background, majestic!

  9. I love the spiders on the stairs! They look amazing! Great idea using the runners on your doors too! Oh, and that "old bat" sign made me laugh out loud!

  10. I don't know how you did it...but this is the most sophisticated spooky look ever! Just gorgeous. Glad to hear things are going well with sweet Sophia. Jane

  11. You have a beautifully Fall decorated home, Vel. I am kinda jealous cause I kept mine to a bare minimum. I did not even take any décor down from the attic cause I am leaving for FL again this weekend. I figured less things out, less things to put away. LOL! Enjoy the baby and enjoy the décor!...Christine

  12. So glad to hear from you again and I'm also glad y'all are not arachnophobic!

  13. Best Halloween decorations I've seen. Your sons must want to bring all their friends home to show them off. Enjoy that new baby!

  14. Your Halloween decorations always amaze me. You never disappoint. The spider web runner look absolutely swell on your door.

  15. You are awesome! I can't believe you found the time to decorate with lil Sophia on board! Love your mix! That natural wreath is gorgeous! Great "spooktacular" touches!

  16. I always look forward to your seasonal, kid friendly decorating. I hope you are feeling well and that Sophia is doing great! This is YOUR time, take all the time you need. You never get this infant stage back! Take care. xooNancy

  17. You are too much, Val - never cease to amaze me with your energy. Love all of the spiders especially the ones up the staircase and the gold pumpkins are beautiful. Your house looks gorgeous!!

  18. Wow, Vel!! How did you do all that with a newborn?!? It looks amazing!! Have a wonderful week! xoxo

  19. Your home looks wonderful for Halloween! So nice to hear you and the baby are doing well. Take care, dear Vel.

  20. I love all of your halloween decorations! IT looks great.

  21. Love the runners on the doors! What a great idea! I adore all the spiders too. I'm totally in love with that gold pumpkin on your coffee table. Great job! Enjoy that sweet bundle of yours!

  22. I don't do any spooky or creepy stuff, but I bow to your outstanding talents in "spider works!" I've never seen the spooky-side of Halloween done so well!&

  23. Hiya, Vel!
    WOW!!! You've outdone yourself. Love that gauzy fabric draped behind the mirror. So cool!! Hugs to you all....especially baby Sophia!!

  24. Like everyone else, I am amazed you have so much energy to decorate with a new baby on board. Glad you have your mom, hubby and son to help take care of baby Sophie so you can get a break. Such thoughtful family members you have!

    Your Halloween decorations look like a lot of fun, your youngest son must be thrilled. I really like the giant spiders on the stairs, very cool and Halloween-like! I also love your beautiful vignette above your piano. Good job, Vel.


  25. Those spiders on your stair rails are so spooky and fun!

  26. How fun Vel, I love your spider Web runners! !
    The Arts by Karena

  27. You are a superwoman, Vel. Love your decorations and its so nice to be able to move things around from year to year to make them seem new! I especially love the spiders and the black gauze on the window! I imagine Sophia enjoyed the cuddling from her men. :-)

  28. Your home is gorgeous, Vel! It's even more spectacular decorated for Halloween. I love seeing all your decor. You really go all out. I love it and I'm sure your boys do too!

  29. House looks so festive. I love it when I can decorate and not spend a dime! I'm heavy into rotating my things around the house. It's like new all over again. Good to hear you have your mom with you and you can sneak in a nap! Rest up because the Holiday's are coming!!!

  30. Oh my gosh! Your Halloween decorating puts mine to shame... So fabulous! I bet your kids are having a ball! I'm so impressed that you are blogging with a brand new baby :)

  31. Wow I missed this post! You did a fabulous job- love the window treatments and the stairway! You must be feeling very energized!

  32. Oh, I missed this! Perfection!! Love every detail!

  33. I missed this post Vel. Love the spiders, they're spookalicious! I probably would scream every time I went downstairs in the dark. Lol.


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