Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! Rounding up my Halloween Home decor

Barely made it but I did - the final installment of our Halloween Home!
Busy today with a Halloween birthday for my son since it's his last year in his school he wanted to have one last hurrah with classmates from that school! Wish me luck!

Anyway, here is our Dining room and Entry....

Halloween Dining - simple goth. Don't mind the Minecraft head, that's my tween son's costume

Simple centerpiece - urn with black fruits and candlesticks

Added my gauze to the chairs, bench & windows as curtains

Halloween decor everywhere

Buffet table

Goodies ready for Trick-or-treaters

Our simple entry - my dead plants go with the horror! LOL!

Love how my spider runners look on the outside

Ready to greet the night!

Hope you all have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. I love it, Vel! Festive and elegant as always! Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday! ;)

  2. Looks great as always. I know your boys are enjoying the Halloween fun!

  3. So pretty...and I love the Minecraft head sitting kids should have been that this year!

  4. Love the door treatments and the dining area! Classy and fun! I hope your party went well and that you had plenty of trick or treaters!

  5. Your Halloween decor is so fun. Love those mirrors and the front doors.

  6. Your decor is absolutely stunning! I love it with all the lights on.

  7. Lovely decor Vel! It looked like your son had a great party(from the sneak peek on IG).

  8. You are such a fun mom, and have the best style for Halloween decor ~ hope you had a wonderful time!

  9. I trust that you and your family had a fun Halloween. :) Such fun and elegant Halloween decor, love it! The Minescraft head is my favorite, so unexpected. My son would love it as well!

  10. You are amazing, Vel. Love all of your decorations and know it was a fun night!! Hope everyone is doing well…

  11. Hope you and your family had a nice evening. It was so chilly here, we didn't get many trick or treaters! Love all of your decor. You really go all out and make it fun for your boys.

  12. I love the Minecraft head! My youngest plays that all the time! :) You did a great job with all the spooky decor! I love those spider runners on the front door!! Good job, Mama!

  13. Vel as always I am incredibly impressed with what you accomplish ---- this time around because you have a wee babe at home! Your house looked so festive and fun for Halloween - your boys must have loved it!! Hope you are enjoying that baby girls of yours too, what a special time this is.

  14. Your home looks so fun and festive! I'm a new follower ~ look forward to reading more.


  15. Amazing! I know your kiddos had an amazing holiday!

  16. Hello Beautiful young Mumma,
    Hope you had a great Halloween time with dearies and families.

    OMG! you had time to do all these? WonderMummA ka talaga. Take care and have a blessed Sunday.


  17. So festive! Love the diirs especially....Christine


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