Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fiddle Leaf Update & tips

Got them for $4 each
Well, surprisingly enough, despite my "black thumb" (which I wrote about HERE),
they have surprisingly held up well and thrived!



When I first got them, I was expecting the worse, they weren't exactly in great shape at the start (hence, the clearance bin). But I believe that with our TLC (and bigger pot) they truly are quite remarkable now!

They grew so well that I was able to give 3 of my girlfriends this plant!
I didn't prune them, It turned, out there were 2 in each pot. So I actually ended up paying just $2 per plant?!!! My friends were so happy to get their own fiddle leaf fig too since ours have become so beautiful!

The tallest one so far

My mother-in-law who's an avid gardener in the Philippines, even thought my the Fiddle leaf figs were artificial since they looked so perfect!

What's our secret?
Not much really, but here is what we've been doing and so far, has worked well for these plants:

1) We water these babies generously once  a week in the summer and every 2 weeks in the winter. 

2) I do put some indoor plant fertilizer every 3 months or so (whenever I remember sometimes, so I didn't do this consistently)

3) Aphids can become a problem and nuisance. I just used water with some drops of dish washing soap in them, spray and wipe away. I don't put any oil in the leaves, their just shiny and perfect the way they are.

4) I do trim the bottom (not the top like most experts say) occassionally (like 3x  only since we got them)

5) We did transfer them right away to Bigger Pots for them to grow better! Actually we need to transfer one to a bigger pot soon...

I truly love these plants, and they are perfect touches of green year-round inside our home!

I still want them to look like this though...


So I better get my pruning skills honed right?!

How about you, do you have any indoor plants that makes you happy?

                          Have a Nice Day!



  1. I love these particular plants, but I have never seen them available in my area of Wisconsin. Yours are beautiful. Jane

  2. Yours look amazing! Can't wait to try out these tips. I need all the help I can get...

  3. I have two that have done quite well, too. I do need to put them in larger pots and soon. Yours look so healthy.

  4. Wow! I am so impressed! I definitely have a black thumb and basically kill every plant I come in contact with. I have only had good luck with really easy ones like pythos and philodendrons.

  5. Vel, I need to buy these. I kill every indoor plant I buy. Yours look wonderful and healthy.

  6. Oh my gosh! I'm so impressed that you have kept these alive for so long. I love fresh plants in a house. Lovely! xo ~ Kristy

  7. How pretty! They are looking so healthy, too. I bet they get a lot of sunlight in that area.

    I have a problem right now with white flies on my hibiscus plants. I Googled them and its exactly what I had last spring (we bring them inside during the winter). I threw them out into the cold April air and though they lived, they never looked so good again. Brought them in a few months ago and found the little eggs the other day. It's much harder to wipe the leaves on a plant that has tons of small ones. I have to have hubby drag them out to the yard, the pots are huge and heavy. I'm so mad and creeped out!!!

    Jane x

  8. Your fiddle leaf fig plants looks gorgeous! I am going to have to try these myself. they look so beautiful in your space!

  9. Those look great I always heard they don't like to be moved much (keep in same location). As much as I like my flower gardens and outdoor plants you'd think I'd have a houseful of indoor plants but I don't. Mainly it's a space issue. I've always like the Fiddle Leaf - very attractive! Looks like you've got a green thumb after all!

  10. These are absolutley gorgeous. You've done a fabulous job keeping them going. No, I can't grow anything.

  11. Your plants look so lush and healthy. I have 2, one is doing better than the other. I re-potted it so it's finally starting to sprout new leaves.

  12. Im so impressed! I have not seen such success lately with these. I have a few and they struggle, but honestly Ive never added plant fertilizer ( duh) and now I will. Yours look gorgeous. Have a great week dear one and kiss that sweet baby for me! xo Nancy

  13. Beautiful! I've had 3 for about two years, and 2 are still in their original pot. I really need to get them re-potted! The other I planted in a pot for my patio last summer and it thrived.

  14. Wow Vel they look great! I have searched high and low and never seen one in my area so I ordered one online! It has done well too. I have it on my "to post about" list!

  15. What a green thumb you have. I can't keep a healthy house plant to save my life, so I'm very envious. If past performance is any indication of the future, I'd say you'll have your giant trees in no time at all. Beautiful!

  16. Yours are gorgeous, Vel! I've been going to re-pot mine forever, after seeing yours I'm definitely going to get to it!!

  17. Wow! They look fantastic! Our fiddle leaf only lasted a month because stupid Ringo destroyed it while I was at work =(

  18. I remember when you bought those "babies", you really did a great job! I too have a black thumb, but looks like yours has turned green!!

  19. Vel, you have the magic touch! I love how those two look in your dining area, framing the windows, so pretty!! A fig leaf is one plant I have never owned, and you are inspiring me. The leaves are just so pretty, and every room needs a plant I think. I'll have to keep my eye on the clearance sections! :)

  20. They are looking great! I can grow anything inside except plants that don't need too much water. This concept is just too difficult to grasp for a girl who drinks a liter of tea every day!

  21. Wow! They really grew so well, Vel. Nice!....Christine

  22. Oh, these look lovely, Vel! When we lived in Texas, we had one in our back yard (of course our climate was tropical) and it grew huge like a bush. I love the pretty shiny leaves of these! Your tiny little thumb is getting greener!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Wow, Walmart?! Impressive! There's hope for me still!

    If you have a moment, would love to get your thoughts on my latest design!

    Xx- Julie

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  24. These look amazing, Vel and love them in your breakfast room - love the green fabric on the chairs!

  25. They look gorgeous, Vel! Can't believe how big they are now. You sure have the "green thumb". They are perfect in your dinning room.

  26. Wow! I can't believe how much they've grown under your tender loving care! You definitely have a green thumb. :) The only indoor plant I have is some ivy in a pot on top of the fridge. I'm afraid my little Holly cat would disturb any others on ground level. Lol!

  27. Wow, they have grow so much, look so healthy...makes me want to run out to get one!
    Have a wonderful week.

  28. Wow! I can't believe how well those have done! I hear they are so fickle! And what a steal you got on them when you bought them. Do you have them all sitting in direct sunlight?

  29. The Walmarts in my area do not carry them. I bought mine from Ikea more than a year ago. Yours look healthy and gorgeous! Mine unfortunately is dying...sob sob.

  30. Vel,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful plants at my party...they will be featured at my party this week.


  31. Oh sweetie, you do have a 'green thumb,' I am convinced after looking at your greenery! Wow, how it's grown, I love indoor plants and your breakfast area is gorgeous and that mirror is to die for!
    Have a great week.

  32. Love to hear yours are doing so well! I remember when you bought them. I'm still looking for them but no luck so far.

  33. Wow Vel your plants are beautiful and they look so healthy. I would love to have one but we just don't have great light in our house.


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