Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fiddle Leaf Fig Bargain & Breakfast Area

I've been searching for this tree for a very long time.

I don't know why it was so hard to find. 
Maybe because if there ever was a plant that was considered "IN" in decorating, this would be it.


I went to all the local garden stores. 
Heard rumors on the blogosphere about Lowe's having it, and I went, still none. Also went to Home Depot &  Menards, you say Plants and I'm there, looking for this tree.


Finally, on my last fit of 'desperation', I went to WALMART.
Lo and behold, hiding behind the palms, on CLEARANCE, is the elusive FIDDLE LEAF FIG TREE!!!!!


I think I got too excited and hoarded them all!;-)
There were 6 and I took 4 since the other 2 looked pretty bad already or I would've taken them all!

$4.00 each!
Here it is now by our breakfast area window...

Hope they will grow big and tall! Can you just imagine?!

Breakfast area

The trees will make the space more chic and fresh!

Another one by the  Living Room

I really hope my Fiddle Leaf Fig trees thrive and survive! I'm no gardener so these babies are not in 'great hands' to begin with! I got them the "SPA" pots - ones where you water from the spout in the bottom rather than have to water the soil from the top, really hope this helps.

So if your looking for your own Fiddle Leaf Fig, try your local Walmart. I heard from Tiffany over at "Living Savvy" that Lowe's has the actual tree right now too! 

Hope you have a Great Week!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

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  1. First...I love your dining area, those chairs are just beautiful. And the light fixture is very "in"!

    I've never heard of this tree, but I can see why it's so popular...very chic as you said. I'm so glad you found it! I wish I had room for large plants, I do at the lake but I'm not there for long stretches of time to water them. I would Google it to find out about it's care. I do that with all my gardening questions.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend, Vel!


  2. YAY!! That's awesome, and crazy you got them for $4! I think they're going to LOVE that light!

  3. Your look fabulous. I love this plant, hope yours grows really big. Hugs, Marty

  4. Wow, $4, that is a great find! And it looks like you have two of them in the perfect place in your breakfast area. Love the wallpaper, BTW!

  5. Ikea has them, too. I don't have a green thumb, but if I did I would have a fiddle leaf fig! They seem to be fairly low maintenance, that's a plus!

  6. Every time I see a new glimpse of your house, I fall in love! ♥ your dining room! These trees are so popular right now.

  7. I'm not great with plants either, Vel, but you look like you're off to a good start. Such elegant looking foliage and who doesn't love a bargain! :)

  8. Wow - what a great looking plant! I am not much of a gardener in or out of the house and I am not familiar with this tree. Keep us posted - it should be fantastic!

  9. I love fiddle leaf fig trees, haven't seen one in years! Your dining room is stunning!

  10. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Fiddle leaf fig trees are gorgeous, especially when they're several feet tall.
    Your photos were beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing,

  11. okay, your 'breakfast room" is beautiful ... and the figs .... very jealous. I have found them here, larger, but no less than $115.00 each. And I have made the purchase. So I try very hard not to let them die!! You scored the big one!! xo

  12. So you were the ne who got them Just kidding! I've been wanting to try these but my green thumb only works outdoors so far...I will definitely have to keep up to see how yours do...They look great BTW and I love your dining room!

  13. I am glad you found your trees and what a bargain! Your breakfast room is gorgeous...Christine

  14. I just love your new breakfast room and the fig trees are perfect there. Please let me know what you think about how hard they are to keep alive - so bad at keeping plants looking good!

  15. Lucky you!!! My Lowe's does not have them. Nor does my Home Depot. Nor does my Walmart. Nor does my local garden center! I have searched high and low to no avail. And you found them at Walmart for $4! You go, girl!!

  16. I love the shape of the leaves and the two plants around your bench are the perfect touch. I love your wallpaper on your breakfast area wall.

  17. Hi doc. There are many varieties of this plant. They are very expensive here in the Philippines too (around 3k to 4k depending on how well established the specimen is). It's a very easy plant to grow here but I just don't know about the weather conditions it may encounter there in the U.S. My experience when I was there is that I put them nearer the heater when the weather becomes too cold. Tropicals near windows are in danger of sudden frost too.

    Give them osmocote regularly so you can have gorgeous huge leaves. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you turing!!! Appreciate it!!!!

    2. Hello Turing! I was wondering where you found them in Manila. I've been searching and could not find this plant. I'd appreciate any leads. Thanks!

    3. Hello Turing! I was wondering where you found them here in Manila. I've been searching all over but could not find this plant. I'd appreciate any leads. Many thanks!

  18. Hi,
    TY for visiting Stockholm, in previous post.

    IKEA always have this FIG tree. Swerte daw, pag may ganyan.

    Good Luck to the new member of the family.

    Enjoy your week.
    /CC girl.

  19. They're new to me, but now I love them! I've been wanting to have a big plant indoors, but they all die :( I'm going to be in the look out for one of these beautiful fig trees ;)
    Your breakfast area is stunning!

  20. Wow... What a great deal... I hope they do really well!

  21. I've never tried to grow one of those, but they sure are pretty. You got quite a good deal! Do you have one of those water meters that have a probe to stick into the soil and it shows whether the plant needs water or not? They are so handy -- I would kill everything if I didn't use my water meter.

    I'm looking forward to what you will be doing in your son's bedroom!

  22. You hit the jackpot! I had one before and it died. Not to be defeated, I purchased a second one and it's doing much better...outside! If your temps are warm try them outside too. You'd be surprised how well my plant is doing now. Once it cools off I'll bring it in. Hopefully I can keep it alive inside too!!

  23. Score! I have one that is very huge now! I purchased it from Home Depot. It 's in the sunroom, so it gets lots of natural light. xx

  24. Try putting them on a gritty potting mix. They dont to sit on too much moisture.


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