Thursday, September 26, 2013


While we were renovating, I got out of the house a lot.
Other than thrifting, I also visited a couple of antique malls and scored these...

Large Brass Milk Can

Brass Champagne bucket

Gold accented Decanter
Tin Server

Fire King Gold-rimmed glass bowl with lid

Letterpress Drawers/shelves

But my most favorite find is this...

A genuine Mink Shawl!!
Makes me feel glamorous! Now I just have to go somewhere fancy enough this winter to strut it around!

I know that it's not PETA-friendly, but wouldn't it be a shame to burn or destroy this thing, knowing that it was made during times we didn't know any better?! That's just my humble opinion, hope nobody takes it against me. I got it at a great price too and so I could not resist. 

Have a Great Weekend!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. Vel, they are all great finds and remind me of era much more glamorous than the way we live today. The decanter is my favorite!

  2. Very nice finds, Vel! Don''t ever worry if your beliefs and feelings might be contrary to others. We are all free to make our own choices.


  3. For your fall / winter decor, the shawl could be draped over a a side chair / sofa and used as a wrap / blanket, definitely adding a layer of glam to the room. And I think you like a little glam, yes? You see so many faux fur throws in the market why not use the real thing if you have it. Happy weekend.

  4. What great finds!!! I love the mink and Robin's idea to drape it as d├ęcor is a great one!!

  5. My dear sweet mama - who passed away in March - couldn't have been any more humble and not flashy. However, my dad bought her a mink stole when she was about 50. My niece loved it, so years later my mom gave it to her. By that time, my dad had bought her a mink jacket and then a full-length coat. My daughter just asked for one of them, and I told her she can take her pick. When I have worn them in the past (my mom had a stroke and was unable to wear them for the last 11 years of her life), I always felt like Mom was hugging me. I hope my daughter will feel the same way.
    Wear yours with flair.

  6. Love all of your treasures, the brass milk can is really unusual. I havn't seen one of those before. I love the mink. I have a mink coat hanging in the closet that I can't make myself throw away, so I love your stole. Perfect. Hugs, Marty

  7. Love the stole! I have a vintage fur coat that's fabulous! Here's to being glamorous (maybe I should wear it to the supermarket today)!

  8. How fun, you scored so many awesome things! The decanter and the mink are my faves ;)
    Have a great weekend, Vel!

  9. Awww... that's so nice shawl. It fits in my winter season §:-)

    Sarap mag-thrifting no? I do love it and as a Filipina, I know how to bargain and the sellers never let me down. I almost stole their stuffs. Bad girl.

    Have a blessed weekend with your lovelies.

    Greetings from D´Box in Stockholm,
    /CC girl

  10. You have a good eye for treasures!! I never see things like these!

  11. I adore the brass champagne bucket! I have my grandmothers mink. My feelings with vintage fur is even if the animals hadn't been used they'd be long gone by now anyway. :)

  12. We need to go antiquing together! Love your finds! I've never seen a gold accented decanter before! Happy weekend to you too! xx

  13. My prior comment disappeared? I think it would be great to go antiquing together and love your finds! I've never seen a gold accented decanter before! Happy weekend! xx

  14. Ooooh la la! May I borrow your mink shaw? It's fabulous, Vel!!! And plus, it's vintage so you're cool :)

  15. PS - I wanna go antiquing with you and Stacey.....count me in!

  16. Vel, I probably wouldn't be able to resist the mink either! What a fun trip you had! Hoping that gorgeous decanter shows up on your pretty bar cart!

  17. Love the gorgeous mink, so glam! I also love your brass milk can and brass bucket. Great finds!


  18. Wow, what finds! We need a photo when you wear it, it's gorgeous and will be stunning on you!

  19. Great finds as always! I love the letterpress shelves, they would make the perfect spot for my sons Lego men collection. I will be on the hunt for one of my own!


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