Thursday, September 19, 2013

Have you heard about HUE?

This is HUE

I haven't.
Not until it arrived in the mail early this week!

You see, in our household, my husband is the tech-savvy and latest-gadget-craze person. 

From our  MINT Floor cleaner, robotic vacuum cleaner to our NEST thermostat, even our TOILET is hi-tech - all because of my husbands love for all-things-advance and convenience-full gadgets!

So when HUE showed up in the mail, he opened it up like a child during Christmas morning!
Here's what's inside...

Light bulbs and a controller-thingy!
Ok, so like you, I asked, "What is it and why are you so excited about it?!"
And with a quick bulb change and some tweaking in the computer, he showed it to me!






 As you can see, these special LED light bulbs can be manipulated into any color/shade and brightness you want and combine it any way you want!

It is also controlled remotely using of course, a HUE APP!

I was amazed of course! 
Can you imagine our house for Halloween, or during a party for that matter?!
I could just move the bulb elsewhere and create party scenes or change the overall mood in the house!

But what I really love about it is we can control the lights remotely anywhere we are, and I think for security purposes, that can make would-be-robbers have second thoughts right?!

However, one thing that didn't impress me at all was THE PRICE!!!!!

So until the price improves, I'm definitely not be buying anymore. 
These three are more than enough for now.

If you want to know more about it, just watch the short video below!

Have a Great Weekend!


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  1. Looks pretty with the different colors. I think I will settle for some really good light bulbs that just put out great light. lol Hugs, Marty

  2. How cool is that! My husband is a techy too. I love all things decor and he loves all things gadget. He hasn't saw these yet or I would have heard about it by now. :)

  3. How cool is that? You can change the color depending on your mood...Christine

  4. Wow,technology is amazing isn't it? LOVE your new pretty!!

  5. Fantastic! However, if your husband is like my husband - he just bought them for the remote - lol!!

  6. This is so interesting! I had no idea. What fun for parties and the kids! Have a great weekend Vel, and thanks to your husband for sharing his techie toys with us!
    xo Nancy

  7. I must confess I'm not a huge fan of technology when it comes to decorating, but here I surrender, the different lights set completely different moods for the room and it's amazing.

  8. Totally cool! I can also see my husband playing with these kind of gadget :) He is the one that put timers on the lights and keeps adjusting them all year round, I guess this one would be lots more fun :)

  9. That is so cool! I've never heard of those before. They will be awesome at Halloween, and for parties. Awesome technology!

  10. Wow, pretty cool; but YIKES, pretty expensive! I think we'll just stick with plain old dimmer switches!


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