Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Intelliseat

On our last trip to the Philippines, one of the big changes we noted was that almost all public restrooms now conveniently has bidets installed in the toilets!

Bidet in the Philippines

We could totally "get it" on why it's all over the place, because culturally, Filipnos prefer good ol' water over toilet paper anytime for their No. 2 cleaning ritual ( sorry if your reading this and eating, I suggest you pause your eating first :-)) and, being the tropical country that it is, water is readily availbale almost anywhere, lukewarm and ready for use.

We got spoiled - and hence, on our way home to the good ol' U. S. Of A, we were determined to get our own bidet. However, getting it here in the U.S. Is a whole different scenario..

First of all, we could not just get those little squirters they use back in the Philippines...

Our water here gets too damn cold in the winter and I definitely don't want my tush shivering clean if we used one of those.

Second, the ones available here are a bit expensive, but come to think of it, using no. 1 and no. 2 is a FACT OF LIFE, and we thought, the convenience of avoiding to use this...

Good ol' Tabo (dipper)

would be worth the money in the long run.

So we looked at what's available around the market. We saw one in MENARD's that looked like this....

Too expensive ($350++) and the control on the side?! Not my style at all!

So we found this at one of our favorite web sites, The ( no pun intended! Hehehe!)

According to the Manufacturer

We went from this...

To this...

We just had it installed and I tell ya, it is a " dream machine" in more ways than one. It is so hi- tech, that the first time I used it, I could not stop laughing! Check this out...


Yes, that is a remote control! It does come with it's own cradle that is now attached to the wall across the toilet.But still, the thought of someone stealing the remote and playing with it while you go potty made me laugh out loud!

And, being the Intelliseat after all,  it automatically turns "ON" when you sit on it!

Yup, that is the "thigh sensor" :-)

It has a "Her back" and " Her front" button ( has a HE, a "His back" only button of course)- very convenient especially once a woman's" monthly visitor " comes along...

Technology meeting the needs!

It has 3 levels for the water heater and 4 levels for the stream flow ( yup, it can really target your Thingy to the dot!).

Controls for heat, seat and flow!

Now, for the other 2 controls, that I really bawled over were:

The orange button on the  left & right lower 

Yes,  you can actually make the flow oscillate! Think "tickle and clean" kinda mode! LOL!  And it has a DRYER button! That one really made me go " WHOAH"!!!!!!

So, after a couple of days, do you think I wanna get rid of my toilet paper for the new dryer? Nah! But so far, going to the toilet is both an "exciting" and "fun" endeavor after all!

Have a great day!!!!

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  1. So Ate (sis), how do you like your new IntelliSeat? I saw it at Costco yesterday & am really thinking of buying one- certainly going to be a conversation piece :-)

    1. Love it! The only problem now is, I'm having a hard time doing 'my thing' anywhere else! Enjoy!

  2. You made me laugh ... exactly the feelings I was having using the thing ... but I was quite impressed!! xo


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