Monday, March 26, 2012

Our informal family portraits

On our visit to Cancun, we did something which we have never done before as a family - had a full blown pictorial/portrait-taking session of our very own.

We did have this before...

Nice but a little "stuffy"

But we did this with the rest of our family and we did not have a lot of pictures to choose from.

So, when I saw this Photography booth at the resort hotel we were staying in, I immediately thought it would be a great way to document this wonderful vacation memory in the form of a souvenir book of REALLY NICE PICTURES! And of course to get nice pictures of the WHOLE family, we needed someone to take the pictures, someone who was a professional and knew what they were doing.

And so here are some the family portraits we had during that vacation...

Garden Photo session

Memory of his lost two front teeth.. :-)

Becoming a young man...

Just tryin' to show how much fun we're havin'! 

Sweet moments

Nostalgic moments...

Quiet moments...

Active moments...

Just plain happy moments

I really love these- we were all relaxed, looking naturally-coached, taken outdoors and the best part was, we all had fun!!!

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. I love all these family portraits.....

    1. Thank you dear, maybe you should do one with your family as well! :-)

  2. These are wonderful family portraits, Vel. You have a beautiful family...Christine


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