Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bouquet Breakdown

Wonderin' how you guys deal with the post-valentine, birthday, anniversary bouquet your other half gives you?

Like this Valentine number I got from my boys...

Beautiful until...

Yes they are pretty, but we have to face facts that not all flowers are alike - some live longer than others, and once some of them start to wilt and wither, you feel bad for the others that are still good enough...

So here's what I usually do...

Brigthning up my kitchen window

still pretty

I take the still nice flowers and "re-vase" (is there even such a word??!! hahaha!) them, or rather put them in small vases that will bring new life into them. 

It just makes me so happy to still see at least some parts of the beautiful bouquet I got last Valentines. It makes the memory last longer since I still see these beauties everyday!

 Hope you have a beautiful day as well!

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