Sunday, September 29, 2013

Halloween Dining Room 2013 - The Witches Table

Yes, we are all set for this fun Holiday (like since 3-weeks-ago-ready!), and no other room in my house can epitomize our readiness more than our Dining Room!

Lots of green and black
I wanted the room to feel like witches were about to come in for a meal, or whip up some potions...

As much as possible, I did not want to repeat what I've done in the past...
So I though branches were in order for this year...

Twig Centerpiece I made - super easy
...with a lot of moss - used reindeer and sheet moss

Spray-painted some thrifted plastic fruits (ll for $1 from Salvation Army) and added reindeer moss all around

Tha Bar area got an 'upgrade' too!
Web place mats and doilies from the dollar store on my sunburst mirrors, and purple flowers, make this section Halloween worthy!
Witches have to drink too right?

Skulls and hats abound in both shelving

Draped a clearance table cloth ($2.50 each from Dollar General last year) on the other ghost chairs
If you want to learn how I Halloween-ized my lamp, click HERE. It's super easy!
Perhaps my most favorite Halloween update this year is what I did for my Dining room chairs!

Added Runner on my  two head chairs (clearance find again from last year). Tucked it up front and
safety-pinned it at the bottom - easy peasy!

And circular placemats on my other ghost chairs - nylon string and scotch tape was
my friend for this one. :-)
Simple black gauze 'drapery'

Sets the mood for this witches dinner brew...
When I was finally done with all this, again, the most valued opinion in our home for me, is that of my youngest son, since he's the guy who's INTO this holiday the most.
He said in the car as we were headed off to church,
"How did you do all the decorations mom? It's like magic!"

All I have to do now is prepare the candies and we're set for a fun Halloween night!
Can't wait to show you guys our family costume too!!!
So, how about you, are you ready for Halloween?

Have a Wonderful day!



  1. Well, I think your son summed it up pretty well! It's easy to tell which homes have young children this time of year -- much more Halloween and spooky than the leaves & pumpkins us "elders" prefer! You truly performed "MAGIC," Vel! In another week or so, I will put out my small collection of Halloween decor. I don't do anything too creepy or scary. I do like to add a few special touches for the front of our home on the day of Halloween for the Trick or Treaters, but you will have to wait to see that!

  2. Oh I agree with your son, it is like magic. I love all the spider webs, so fun and all the skeletons. Amazing. Wow, I am impressed. Hugs, Marty

  3. The black and green together is fantastic and I like the spider webs everywhere. What a cool room.

  4. Hello, Martha! I mean, Vel :) Well you certainly do Halloween over there. Absolutely beautiful and bewitching! It's more than magic, it's Vel's black magic!!!!

  5. Wow! Your house definitely looks Halloween-ready! So sweet of your son to say it's like magic. I hope you decide to throw a few Halloween parties so everyone can see your fun decorations!

  6. I love all of your decor. I bet your kids really get a kick out of everything. Can't wait to see your family costumes.

  7. I think it is so awesome to see you decorating for what your son likes. And it looks so cool! so many bloggers don't take into account what kids like and think is cool when they are decorating. YOu did a great job with it. I like the past ones too!

  8. I am NOT ready for Halloween! This year we are hosting our first Halloween bash in 10 years! Instead of for the little kiddies, this party will be for the teen and adult crowd. Thanks for sharing your fabulous dining room! I really need all the inspiration I can get!

  9. Oh how fun, Vel! Such scary cuteness! Love all the spider webs....Christine

  10. Vel, this is fantastic! I used lots of spiders for my Halloween table this year, but your spider decorating is "on steroids"!! What you did with the chairs and the lamp makes the room. You are definitely ready for the big day - love it!!

  11. Oh, this is like a movie decor. What you did with your dining-room is amazing!

  12. This is really a lot of fun, Vel! We love Halloween around here, too.

  13. Wow! Love your cool Halloween decor! So many inspiring moments especially the dollies on the starburst mirrors and the table runner over the chair! Very fun and classy Halloween table set up, you did a great job. Your son's comment is priceless! Wonderful blog, a new follower!

    P/S: Come by and enter my current giveaway for a chance to win a set of beautiful velvet pumpkins!


  14. Very very cool! I love the placemats on the bar wall and the chairs, and the runners on the head chairs! Very eerie scary fun!

  15. Absolutely amazing pretty Vel! Of course with kids this is the most fun ever! I love the Kartell translucent chairs with the net in the backs! A very magical Halloween and enchanting as well. I love it!!!!!!! Thanks for coming and for the sweet comment Darling and don't forget to come for party 2 with Victoria and more stuff you'd love! Yes, it's very Latin Amertican thing, because even humble people try to do their best for the kids FC. Have a terrific week. (gonna check your table again)

  16. I'm still in Halloween decorating mode - my girls would love to come to your house - in their eyes, the spookier the better!

  17. Awesome Halloween dining room Vel! It looks fabulous!

  18. wow you really outdid yourself! This should be in a magazine! Great fun and I know your kids must think youre the coolest!
    xo Nancy

  19. Oh my goodness, Vel!! That is so much fun, I love it! Very creative, and I'm sure your kids will have great memories of your Halloween décor for years to come! :)

  20. Love, love, love it! I'm so excited for Halloween seeing all your spooky awesomeness! Thanks for linking up with us at the DIY Sunday Showcase.
    Cheers to you and yours,

  21. Oh My! You went all out! It's so festive and fun, love it.

  22. Vel, What fabulous Halloween décor! I bet you have a wonderful time at Halloween at your house.

  23. Wow! Just blown away by your Halloween décor! Really stunning - your sweet son is right - it's like magic! Isn't it great when we make the magic happen for our kiddos? It's what life with kids is all about! So much fun - your creativity is inspiring! Catherine (newest follower of your blogging adventures!) : )

  24. Oh Vel, it all looks amazing! I wish I could decorate like that for Halloween but my family doesn't allow me, too scary for them :( I love how the chairs look, simply brilliant!

  25. Gah, it's freaking awesome!! My kids would die of happiness in your house! Seriously, I can't show this to my oldest (who's sitting beside me) because he'd be telling me we need to go buy way more decorations. I LOVE everything you did in here- it looks super cool!

  26. Well done with decoration. The dining room really looks spooky and adorable. Its really a nice idea for a halloween style dinner. I would love to try this next year at my place.

  27. Amazing talent you have.....enjoyed browsing through your blog....thank you for visiting Trendy Treehouse and my post on Crafty Wiches/table scape

  28. Fantastic work. Your designs are really beautiful and unique.

  29. What a beautiful dining room. It is so elegant, I love it!
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