Sunday, October 4, 2015

Eating with Spiders Part 1 - Our Halloween Dining Room

Hello Friends!

I finally got out of my decorating rut and as always, went crazee decorating!

Well, for one thing it's my 2nd favorite Holiday to decorate for, and another, my son Aidan has been begging me for weeks on when I'd be decorating (yup, it's in the genes;-))?! Also, since little Sophia is walking' and ruling the entire house, this is the only safe place I could put a lot of stuff on!

Anyway, I still used all my old stuff, only thing I bought for this year was some pumpkins, which you won't see in this room by the way (you'll see it later on in the living room).

Ok, nuf talk, on with the show... 

Now you understand the title of my post

My centerpiece is both eery and glam - kept my brass candlesticks in here, just changed out my candles, and transferred my antiques on the table (sorry Saints, I hope you don't mine me using you for Halloween!;-))

The Goblets were a find from post-Halloween last year at my local Krogers

Used my Black stainless Target  flatware and

You know I normally don't put any setting on my Dining table when I show my holiday decor but I just couldn't help it with this one!

My cat-on-the-prowl window - I placed my spider table runner up top

Also dressed up my chairs with a table runner for my chairs and table cloth on my bench
My Creepy "treat" Bar
I just mixed a mishmash of Halloween stuff  and placed a bunch of spiders in one of my apothecary jar

I did a super quick update on my lamps and  went simply-skeleton with my mirrored shelves

Spider up and all around!
So I think we're all set... eat with spiders and some other ghoulish creatures on Halloween!
How about you, Halloween loco, go-go or oh-no?

Whatever you are, it's all in the good ol' spirit of American fun!

This is only part 1, aren't you curious to see part 2? I'll share soon!

Have a Great week !



  1. Wow, spiders everywhere! Don't know if I would get much eating done!
    Found you on Julie's Lifestyle :)
    xx Fiona

  2. You are the queen of Halloween decor and it looks fabulous! Spiders aren't my favorite, but you make them look so elegant!

  3. You do the best job of combining "creepy" with "tres chic," of anyone I know, Vel!

  4. Looks great, Vel! We have lots of real spiders here, including ones that have hair. (Gross and scary.) Your dining room strikes the perfect balance between spooky and sophisticated!

  5. Love all your creepy spiders but I love the antique saints the most...Christine

  6. How fun and festive! Looking spooktaculous there, Vel!! You are such a cool mom ;-) Happy fall to you all. I'm catching up from being away this summer. Cheers

  7. It looks great Vel and definitely all set for Halloween. My girls loved it when I decorated for Halloween too and now that they're grown, they get excited to decorate their own places.

  8. Wow U are great!:-) Spiders everywhere - truly halloween decors:-)

  9. Love it all! I think the cats are my favorite part and I love how you used the runners!

  10. Your dining room looks AWESOME! Love those spiders..just so festive and fun!

  11. Hi Vel,
    Wow your dining room looks so nice decorated for Halloween! I love the table setting and the spiders!
    Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.
    I can't wait to see more! Enjoy the week.

  12. Your house is so fun. You really make the holidays special for your kids. I can imagine the smile on Aidan's face when he saw everything set out.

  13. Love it all! I have a question but do not have a blog, so can you please respond back here on your post. I see you have Ghost chairs at your dining room table, well I am thinking about purchasing a set but would like to know how comfortable are they, are they sturdy, and where did you purchase yours? So for all the questions and thanks.

    1. Thank you very much! I got the ghost chairs from Amazon , they are not Kartell since I wasn't sure on how I was gonna like them. But in the end, I do love them a lot. They are not that comfy as upholstered ones, but considering it's made up of plastic, pretty nice to sit on with pretty good arm and back support. It's pretty durable, since I've had them for 4 years now, 2 of these are in my breakfast area where they get more use. Hope you drop by tomorrow to see one in the breakfast area. Here's a link on amazon..

  14. Everything looks so great!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  15. Everything looks so festive and spooky! Great job!

  16. OMG this is the best Halloween I have ever seen pretty girl! I bet even little Sophie is enjoying so much fun at her hose.
    The plates are awesome. Of course, my fav are the ghost chairs I'm sure are Kartell. Wish I could use one somewhere in my house, just not one inch space left, lol..
    Enjoy your weekend hon.

  17. I like how you always go all out with the Halloween decorations, your kids must be so thrilled! Your Halloween table setting looks very nice. I love those brass candlesticks and those beautiful green candles!


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