Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Top 10 tips to Affordable Halloween Decorating

Ok, now that you've seen my Halloween-Gaga-of-a-home,  and Halloween is just a couple of days away , and if you still want to try and catch-up with your Halloween decorating,  then you MUST read these tips!

1) Go over what you already have first.
      No brainer here, before you go on a shopping spree, always, always look at stuff you have first. Not just your Halloween stuff but other stuff you have that may pass for Halloween, such as....

Anything Black or orange..
Black lamp shade, black vase, B & W art, orange pillows
Glass Jars - and fill 'em up with creepy stuff
Some food color and spiders and weeds - viola!
Make non-eerie stuff feel eerie
It's all in the mix

2) Shop at the Dollar store
       This is no secret, with the right styling, you can make Dollar Store items look so much more than their actually worth!

Cafe Sign, Web placemats, purple flowers

3) Use Table Runners... other than AS table runners!

I've used them on my doors, windows and draped my chairs with them!

4) Printer and some scissors your halfway done.
       Just go to Pinterest and search out all the FREE PRINTABLES out there and print your heart out and change some of the pictures in your home.

Label, label, label - a big plus, FREE!

5) Crows and spiders go a long way. 
     After you shopping spree at the Dollar Store, hope you grabbed these critters since you can just place them anywhere and viola - instant Halloween!

6) Webbings (Gauzy fabric) are a must.

       Aside from the above examples, you can use them to as a table runner, cover chairs or tables cover your bushes outdoors... the big plus is there's no need for great upkeep, the more tattered and town, the better.

7) Change you light bulb.
      Quick, easy, cheap and instant Halloween ambience.

8) Buy a real pumpkin or two.
     If your not into carving them like I am, I only buy a couple of them for display. So easy and so perfect for both Fall and Halloween!

9) Spray or not,  some twigs from outside

Fool-proof and FREE!

10) Buy your Halloween stuff AFTER HALLOWEEN

     Most important tip of all, since everything is 50% off and eventually 75% off, buy them at this time but ALWAYS, ONLY buy stuff YOU REALLY LIKE. This is the key, or else by next Halloween you'll be run over with stuff you're not even sure why you got in the first place!
 I think the main reason why I have not changed any of my decor and kept reusing them is because 
I love them then and I love them still!

There you have it folks, I hope this will come in handy.
Remember, it's all in the spirit of fun and the great thing about Halloween is that, imperfection is perfectly acceptable and even needed!

If you want to see all of my Halloween decorations Past and Present, click HERE.
So enjoy and have a BOO-TIFUL HALLOWEEN NIGHT!



  1. OMG sweet friend, everything is amazing! Looks like a haunted home!! I am crazy about your windows dressed up in webs. it's really an awesome idea! Those creepy crawlers going up your stairs are so much fun too.
    Wonderful tips too for staging a Halloween setting and d├ęcor, such as light and labels. Lucky you have that Dollar Tree store. We have one where they have everything for customs and decorations, specially for Halloween. I don't do much but DD Sofia has all the witches and everything for the girls.
    Have a spooktacular week!

  2. You always do such a lovely job decorating, Vel. Your bargain tips are fabulous and spot on, thanks for sharing!

  3. Great tips! Love the table runner one and all the free printables floating around. Dollar stores are my friend during the holidays. :)

  4. Your house looks amazing! You are my favorite decorator:-) Spiders are the best:-)

  5. Ha ha- I love this! Using the runners on the windows is brilliant!! Love the table by the glass wall with the mirror, black tree branch and white pumpkins! Those labels are great too- lots of creative ideas here!

  6. All your tips are spot on, Vel! My favorites 1 and 10. I gotta look for table runners, they look great!

  7. Great tips, Vel! Thanks!...Christine

  8. Wow Vel, I love all of your great tips for Halloween decorating!
    Thanks for sharing your tips at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.

  9. These are such great tips!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  10. Great tips Vel! Love how you used the table runner, clever idea!

  11. Great tips! I need to hit the Dollar Store. Love the printables idea, too!

  12. I like all your wonderful tips, Vel! Love your fun and delightful Halloween decorations! Happy Halloween, my friend!

  13. Great tips Vel! I always enjoy your Halloween decor because you go all out!:-)

  14. Love this! I'm all about the after-holiday sales for stocking up. Must, must, must try out this light bulb thing! xo Kristy

  15. Love your tips---the best one, check out what you have first. I can't tell you how many times I've bought the same thing, for ALL holidays and seasons!!

    You have a great collection of Halloween goodies. I used to do a lot of decorating for Halloween but now just for fall. Once I have more grand kiddos I'm sure I'll be back at it!!!

    Jane x

  16. Great tips! Your house looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.


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