Thursday, April 28, 2016

ORC Week 4 - Progress & Problems on Boys Room

Hello again!

We're now on Week 4 of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE hosted by Linda from Calling It Home and I don't have much to show for YET!

I don't know if hanging curtains is considered progress...

... or assembling the side tables up...

... But things going into the room have arrived so far...

Hardware upgrade for dressers and sides

Zimba wallpaper ( at least 1 roll of it)
 .. and the one that made me the happiest (and also my son ;-), the reading chair!
I have to rave about the awesome service I got from TOTALLY FURNITURE, an online furniture store I just discovered in my search for an Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair I so desperately want! I ordered this lookalike right away and got it 2 days later! Yes, Two days! It's like ordering from Amazon Prime, only better since shipping is FREE! A new source for sure that I will keep coming back to for my furniture needs. :-)

Regarding the wallpaper, it did arrive early, but I only got a single roll when I ordered a double. I contacted the Customer service of PATIO LANE, where I ordered from, and they said they will send the other roll asap. The only problem is, this second roll will not be exactly the same as the one I have since they were printed 'differently'?!!! Ugggghhhh! I asked if they could send me a new set of double roll and I will just send them back the roll that I have, and they said, it might take 6 weeks! Uggghhhh! So I took my chance and have them send the different single roll and hope and pray, that it matches the one that I have!

Some good news though, I talked to my painter and wall paper hanger, and said they will start next week. So I hope I can show you something better next week!

Anyway, enough of moi and my woes. Let's go check on the other peeps awesome progress!
Check it out HERE
Have a Great Weekend Everyone!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...


  1. Love that chair. It looks so comfy and so stylish.

  2. Vel, that is frustrating on the paper, but the chair! The chair! It's awesome. If the wallpaper isn't done at least this room will be 90% done by the time the ORC is up! I love the direction you're taking it!

  3. Baby steps are progress too! I can't believe the chair came in 2 days! What great service!!

  4. I'm glad you could find a chair that has the same look and function like you wanted. Too bad about the wallpaper but I have in the past re-ordered more wallpaper for a project that I ran short on and it came in just fine. I like the new curtain pattern- just enough to give a pattern without being dominating. I do my best when the pressure is on so I guess that's going to be your defining moment with getting this done for the challenge!

  5. Very cool reading chair! I also like the wonderful pillow and the fabulous wallpaper too! Such a bummer regarding the wallpaper, hopefully the next one matches in terms of colors! Wishing you the best of luck, Vel!

  6. Love the EGG Chair! Everything you do is a progress, take small steps.

  7. I'm sure the wallpaper will get worked out, and wow is that chair gorgeous!

  8. It definitely qualifies as progress! The chair is awesome!

  9. Love that reading chair. I hope your wallpaper issues work out. Can't wait to see it up.


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